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    Initial Use of Connexx Software

    @Squid Thanks for that link. I haven’t checked out the tinnitus features yet and that will definitely be a huge help. You’re right, the Connexx manual in the software is woefully insufficient. @pvc Thank you for putting all this information together!
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    Initial Use of Connexx Software

    @Squid I had the same message the first time I connected. I thought something was wrong until I tried the third time and realized I needed to check the left aid on the RIGHT side of the screen. I had been checking both aids on the left. After you make changes, endure the "synchronized" in the...
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    I have tinnitus in one ear that goes from barely there to roaring. Hearing aids definitively help. I’ve never used the tinnitus feature of my aids. I downloaded the free Resound Relief app and use that instead. @nanowiz, that’s fascinating!
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    Rexton Connexx Software necessary, or?

    May I have a link to this software? I already have a Noahlink wireless that I’ve been using with Target to make adjustments to my Phonak M70s. I’m exploring options for my next aids. The hearing clinics in my area are all corporate owned with fitters who only do the bare minimum. Might as well...