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    Were is the location from target

    Open the folder: C:/Programme(x86)/Phonak/Phonak Target and double klick on TargetBackupTool.exe This programm helps you to backup the stand alone database of all clients. TargetBackupTool saves the whole database (all client sessions). Alternatvely klick Windows Startmenu -> All...
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    Difference between Hi-Pro cables (standard CS44 cable and Phonak/Unitron cable)

    There is no difference between standard CS44 cable and Starkey Purple/Straight Cable. The Starkey Purple Cable have same pinout as standard CS44 cable. I know this , because years ago i could only find a pair of straight CS44a (Phonak) cables and have to make a adapter which reverse pin 3...
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    Phllips HearLink 9040 rechargeable battery is replaceable with Z22A from ZeniPower

    Hi, i can confirm that Z22A Li-Ion (3.8 V / 20.0 mAh) from Zhuhai Zhi/ZeniPower also replaces original batteries for Oticon Real