Connexx/Rexton (others?) Installer package has a Bug


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Apr 12, 2023
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This problem (described in the last paragraph) was discovered during the install of (Connexx 9.9.3/RexFit9.9.0 for Rexton Newer/Current) by one of our astute DIY members. I am withholding the identity of the DIY member for privacy reasons. Though, I welcome the member to step forward if he is inclined to do so.

Even though this error was encountered during a Rexton install/new-version, I believe that it also affects other Connexx new-version installs for other manufacturers (Signia, Rexton, A&M, Audio Service, Hansaton, others?). A description of the problem follows:

The connexx installer won't run on a system that has more than 64 GB of memory. That's because their programmers use an unsigned 16-bit integer to hold the value, and anything over 64GB will overflow (the actual value is 65535 MB). It reports error 0x80070643 when this happens, although this has nothing to do with the same error when displayed by Windows update. My main Windows 10 system has 256GB of memory, hence the problem. I had to disable secure boot, and use msconfig to set my maximum memory to 64GB before their installer would run. I figured this out from looking at their installer log files.