DIY School (v2.2)

Hi @juls. You can read a DIY School (v2.1) PDF file named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software).

But which software are you looking for? Typically, if you ask for software here then it's likely that some other DIYer will be willing to share.
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Added GN ReSound Interton fitting_1.16 (or latest) + appraise2.4, also compufit4.4
to the Appendix: List of less-frequently requested software.

HMm; @juls never did say what software he was seeking? Oh well, c'est la vie.
Thanks @theVoice ; Updated DIY School (v2.1) PDF file named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software) to include the Horizon 5AX RIC-R hearing aid fitting software news. Here's a clip; Tip: the clip will appear normal size when logged on.

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Oh Well C'est La Vie

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i was looking for the links to download the softwares, how to do it?
Hansaton Connexx and Hansaton Scout, myabe somebody have copies on it..thanks
OH? I just happened to notice that you edited your post to say what software you were looking for. That is, (Hansaton Connexx and Hansaton Scout). This forum does not notify other members when a post is edited so it is just lucky that I saw your recent/edited request.

To be more specific, Hansaton has three different fitting software versions;
  • Hansaton Connexx6.5.5/HansaFit6.21 for older/legacy
  • Hansaton Connexx8.3.6/HansaFit8.3.0 for intermediary/legacy
  • Hansaton Scout 3.6.1 for newer/current
No need to be sorry ;) Also (just to be clear) Widex Compass V5 is for older/legacy Widex hearing aids.
New hearing aids use Widex Compass GPS 4.5.
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DIY School is alive and well.
The dropbox files, aka DIY School cloud storage is right here, this topic!
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The reports of PVC being long gone are greatly exaggerated. See previous post.
PVC's Oticon More 1's with Oticon custom molds +Plus Canal Locks. The receivers are permanently encased in the molds (non removable). These took a bit of getting used to the feeling of hard-acrylic-plugs in your ears. But after a few weeks the uncomfortable feeling dissipates.
Image provided by PVC's DIY School official photographer ;)


Since the Oticon More 1's have dual-action buttons (Up-button and Down-Button on each side) the buttons are setup as;
  • Left Hearing Aid Button-Up for Volume Control Up
  • Left Hearing Aid Button-Down for Volume Control Down
  • Right Hearing Aid Button-Up for Program change Up
  • Right Hearing Aid Button-Down for Program change Down
  • Shutdown is shutdown, very long press on any button. Also, you can restart the hearing aids with a very long press.
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Thanks for this post! I have aquired the oticon genesis software and a usb HI-pro programming box but i'm not 100% on the cable needed to programme my oticon own 2 iic hearing aids. will both flex cable and adapter 164237 work. i cannot find a 164237 mini adapter anywhere.
No, both won't work. It's one or the other.
Run Genie 2 and use Help/Help on Genie 2 and then Search for "cables and adapters"

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The -> flexConnect Mini doesn't connect directly to the USB Hi Pro (mini Din) plug. You need standard CS44 cables as go-betweens. But flexConnect Mini is not for your IIC models anyway. You will need to use the Programming Adapter Mini after removing the battery door. I am not sure yet if the Programming Adapter Mini's require CS44 cables as go-betweens?? Let me look around.
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Oh, Yes - The Programming Adapter Mini does require standard CS44 cables as go-betweens. It's right there in the Genie 2 Help shown above.

As to your question of where to get two Programming Adapter Minis?
  • maybe EBay?
  • maybe if you have a relationship with a local Audi?
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I saw -> Programming Adapter Mini, (for Oticon Hi-Pro/ Hi-Pro 2, ref. 164237) for $30 each on EBay from Ukraine. You would need two of these and two standard CS44 cables which are not CS44a Phonak/Unitron cables which have Pins 3&4 reversed.
DIY School Li-ion Rechargeable Battery instructions have been consolidated into three PDF files. Hopefully, this will simplify the presentation.
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery History
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Replacement
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Storage
Note that if you download the PDF files (as opposed to viewing the PDF files from cloud storage) then you will have a mixture of old/obsolete PDF files and new PDF/replacement files. Sorry: I recommend viewing the PDF files online from always-available 24/7 cloud storage.
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RE: Sharing DIY School Access Portals with newbie DIYers

Recent events and misdirection by (one or some??) discussion-forum members have suppressed access to DIY School for newbie DIYers.

DIY School (currently v2.2) is simply a Dropbox folder of PDF files. That's it! And, the Dropbox cloud-storage PDF files are available 24/7 with just one mouse click. DIY School is separate and not tethered to any specific hearing aid discussion forum. It can be (shared with, and used by) any HoH-community member from any discussion forum. It doesn’t matter which discussion forum a newbie DIYer chooses to seek advice!

Forum members (from any discussion forum) should not be shy about sharing DIY School Access Portals with newbie DIYers. Though, you might consider sharing it via PM/Private Message to avoid conflict with the other (one-on-one/answerbot) camp.
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Saving Fitting Sessions in your Client Database
This describes how to save fitting sessions in your Standalone Client database which is built-into the fitting software.
Also described, is how to retrieve a specific previous fitting session.

Hopefully this will provide a better alternative than creating multiple clients for one-and-the-same person.
You can find and Click the Access Portal in the OP/Original Post to view all the DIY School PDF files!

TRYNA take a lesson from @Volusiano to avoid arguments over this subject ;)

ETA: Whoops; Better yet. I merged these comments/thoughts into existing PDF file (02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids).
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Hi - just an FYI. I noticed something in the chips document, I've read the Oticon Real use the PolarisR platform. I don't know if that's enough of an upgrade to require updating the document though.

This is a fantastic DIY resource! I appreciate the work it must take to put together and maintain!