DIY School (v2.2)

Thanks for the Tip; I try to keep these up-to-date when the manufacturers make advancements. I generally try to mark the date YYYY/QQ in RED when they have a new processor/chip/CPU. After that they claim new-advancement after new-advancement seemingly at the drop of a hat. ;)

I will review this later. Though, it deserves a mention.

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Hi, i need links to download Widex Compass v5 (the one for the legacy instruments), and Interton Fitting 1.16. Can anyone who has it PM me? thanks in advance.
Read your PM/Conversation RE;
  • Widex Compass V5.8 for older models. The older models are Series (CLEAR, SUPER, MENU, VITAL, Passion, mind, BABY, Inteo, AIKIA, Flash, REAL, Senso Diva, Senso Vita, Senso +, Senso P, Bravissimo, Bravo, Digital A, Logo, Quattro, Senso C).
  • ReSound Interton Fitting 1.16 + Appraise 2.4 both included in one download. ReSound Interton Fitting 1.16 (or latest) for newer/current hearing aids and Appraise 2.4 for older/Legacy hearing aids.
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Oticon Real use the PolarisR platform
Okay, duly noted by adding Polaris R notation. It appears to be tweaks to the DNN/Deep Neural Network for sudden disruptive sounds and clean up wind and handling noise. I'm guessing that it's firmware changes as opposed to hardware changes.

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ETA/Edit to Add; Tip for reading the DIY School PDF file (Recent Platforms-Chips of the Big Five). The red-colored release date, 2020-Q4 indicates new hardware/chip/platform, meaning that Oticon (Real, Own, Zircon, More) hearing aids all have the same chip/CPU/processor from almost three years ago. The manufacturers always like to say that each-and-every enhancement is a new platform. But I don't like to mark them as new hardware/platforms.

Sometimes they get tricky with new releases. For example Phonak's Audéo B-Direct was an oddball release. Though all hearing aids had new cases (and a slight software improvement/Soundrecover2) only one model (Audéo B-Direct) was new hardware with a new wireless Radio named SWORD. Rest was older Venture hardware. One year later this was put back in-sync with the Marvel platform. Also, Brio3 and Brio2 are the same.
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Check your PM/Conversation soon RE: ReSound SmartFit 1.16 + Aventa 3.27
Hi Lostdeaf. :D Check your PM/Conversation RE: ReSound SmartFit 1.16 + Aventa 3.27
Did you know that the (almost industry standard hearing aid programming device) Noahlink Wireless will begin to go obsolete this year (2023)?

Here an extract from the new (DIY School (v2.1) PDF file named (Hearing Aid Tips). Though the actual PDF file itself will likely be updated in the future, as are most other (DIY School (v2.1) PDF files;

Hearing Aid Tips

This DIY School PDF file offers (and may repeat) some common Tips.

Fitting Software/Hardware:

  • Don’t pay for free fitting software! I’m not saying that the fitting software is not copyrighted, it is. I’m saying it’s foolish to follow a common practice of paying EBay thieves for fitting software.
  • Don’t use the Noah system software (currently Noah4 or Noah-ES). The fitting software has it’s own standalone database to replace Noah database functions.
  • For DIY self programming you will need a hearing aid programming device/hardware. You cannot use Remote fitting.
  • Before connecting your hearing aids to the fitting software you need to prep the hearing aids by off/on cycling the hearing aids, or accomplishing the same off/on cycle by briefly placing rechargeable hearing aids in the charger and then removing them after a few seconds.
  • All wireless proprietary hearing aid programming devices are going obsolete. To name a few; (iCube, iCube II, FittingLINK, EXPRESSlink, etc).
  • The (almost industry standard ) Noahlink Wireless hearing aid programming device will be going obsolete and be replaced by Noahlink Wireless 2 which is expected to be released later in 2023.

Domes and Molds:

  • Domes for one manufacturer’s receivers/speakers tend to fit other manufacturer’s receivers/speakers.
  • Wire size/length for receivers/speakers tend to be one size longer for custom molds, or one size shorter for domes (depending on how you look at it). Bottom line, there is a slight difference for wire length, and if you have a perfect wire length for domes and the length already fits tight, then that same wire length may be too short/tight when switching to custom molds.

Hearing Aid Hardware:

  • Premium models hearing aids are the same hardware as the cheaper models. The cheaper models are just defeatured. Also, your left hearing aid is the exact same hardware as your right hearing aid. That is, until each is assigned as left or right by the fitting software.
  • Some Trial hearing aids (Unitron) feature annoying beeps when the trial period expires. This can be reset by using the fitting software to start another/new trial period

Hearing Aid Dryers:

Rechargeable hearing aids are unable to use hearing aid dryers because they must be charged each night instead of sitting in a hearing aid dryer. Maybe modern hearing aids are more moisture resistant than they were in the past? I dunno? It's a conundrum for long time users of hearing aid dryers.
I have a Widex Perfect DryLux dryer and recharger for my Evokes that the rep gave me. Custom designed for Evokes. Charges, dries, UV light to sterilize. Awesome. Have another recommended by Oticon for my Oticon Mores. PerfectDry Lux again, but not specially configured for recharging like Widex model. I do not think this is widely known, mu audiologist was unaware of it. Easily accessible on Amazon for a decent price (the stock model, not Widex).
I didn't see UV light to sterilize in my quick search?? Do you have a link? ETA: I see UV + Dryer. I don't see (Charger +UV + Dryer). I'm not saying it doesn't exist. But I can't find it??

My original point is that long time users of (Dryers with UV light to sterilize) may be disrupted because rechargeable hearing aids tend to spend all night in a charger and all day in your ears. But maybe the Dryer industry will begin to compensate. Myself, I don't worry about dryers. But I live in a dry climate, so there's that.

But I would like to see a link to the Dryer you are referencing.
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HMm; I cannot find (Charger +UV + Dryer). I'm not saying it doesn't exist. But I can't find it??
New DIY School PDF File (01 Exploring the Fitting Software) has been added to DIY School. The goal of this new PDF file is to provide instructions/tips for exploring secrets about what the manufacturer's fitting software has to offer.

Future updates are expected to add additional instruction for newbies that get "hung-up or confused" when they first start using the fitting software.
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Click this Access Portal for -> DIY School (v2.2)
If you get lost, simply click PVC's forum Signature link at the bottom of each PVC post which will quickly return you to this Access Portal.
(Caveat: Signature link only available when you are Logged in as a forum member)

What is DIY School? It’s simply a collection of PDF files residing in cloud storage. Click the Access Portal to have a quick look at the PDF files inside DIY School. The PDF files provide help with many self programming tasks, including the following two prerequisites.

  1. Software Prerequisite: Download the fitting software. Read about software download instructions in the first PDF file named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software). The links within that PDF file may take you to directly a download site or, provide community share instructions for how to obtain hidden software.
  2. Hardware Prerequisite: In addition to obtaining free fitting software, you will also need to use a Hearing Aid Programming Device/hardware. For most (but not all) recently sold hearing aids, the device you will need is Noahlink Wireless. Some think that Remote Fitting can be used take the place of this hardware prerequisite. It cannot! You will still need hardware as a starting point in order to create a Remote Fitting session. This non-trivial task requires due diligence!
That’s it, Ta-da!!

Tip for getting started with DIY Self Fitting: Read these DIY School PDF files;
  • 02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids
  • 01 What to Expect for your First Fit
Tip for finding fitting software: Read the DIY School PDF file named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software). Also scroll down below to find recent posts/comments from others seeking free fitting software. Feel free to post your own request for free fitting software below, as a new reply on this thread/topic. You will likely find other DIYers who are willing to share.

Appendix: List of frequently requested software;
  • Phonak Target 8.1 (or latest) for Newer/Current
  • Oticon Genie 2 2023.1 (or latest) for Newer/Current
  • Rexton Connexx 9.8.5/RexFit9.8.11 (or latest) for Newer/Current
  • Connexx 9.9.3/SiFit9.9.0 (or latest) for Signia Newer/Current
  • GN ReSound Smart Fit 1.16 (or latest) for newer/current hearing aids and Aventa 3 for older/Legacy hearing aids
  • Starkey Pro Fit 2023.0 (or latest) for newer/current
  • Starkey Inspire X 2023.0 for Starkey Legacy hearing aids
  • Unitron TrueFit 5.3 for Newer/Current
  • Widex Compass GPS 4.4 (or latest) for Newer/Current

Appendix: List of less-frequently requested software;
  • Bernafon Oasis 2019.2 software for Older/Legacy
  • Bernafon OasisNxt 2023.1 (or latest) software for Newer/Current
  • Rexton Connexx 6.5.5/RexFit6.8.4 for Older/Legacy
  • Connexx6.5.5/SiFit6.10 for Signia older/legacy
  • Connexx7.5.2/SiFit7.5.1 for Signia intermediary/legacy
  • Oticon Genie 2017.1 for older/legacy
  • Philips HearSuite 2023.1 (or latest) for Newer/Current
  • Phonak iPFG2.6e - Legacy
  • Phonak PFG8.6c - Legacy
  • Unitron Ufit for older/legacy
  • Unitron Unifit5.52A even older legacy
  • Widex COMPASS V5 - Legacy
  • A&M Connexx 9.6.6 with AMFit 9.6.10 (or latest) for newer/current
  • Argosy iPFG
  • Audifon (AudiFit4 and AudiFit5)
  • Audio Service Connexx6.5.4/AudioFIT6.8.5 for older/legacy
  • Audio Service Connexx9.8.5/AudioFit9.8.11 (or latest) for newer/current
  • Aurafit Relate-United HealthCare for newer/current Relate/Unitron
  • Beltone Solus Max 1.10 + BT Solus Pro 1 (both included in the same download)
  • Danavox Danafit 1.5
  • Electone Elecfit6.4
  • EXPRESSfit 6.4 for legacy Sonic products
  • EXPRESSfit 2017 for older Sonic products
  • EXPRESSfit PRO 2022.2.1 (or similar) for newer/current
  • Hansaton Connexx6.5.5/HansaFit6.21 for older/legacy
  • Hansaton Connexx8.3.6/HansaFit8.3.0 for intermediary/legacy
  • Hansaton Scout 3.6.1 for newer/current
  • GN ReSound Interton fitting_1.16 (or latest) + appraise2.4, also compufit4.4
  • Interton Appraise 2.5
  • Miracle Ear Harmony6.5.4/me6.10.3 for older/legacy
  • Miracle Ear HarmonyII9.0.8/me9.0.5 for newer/current
  • NewSoundFit 6.1.12 for Newsound
Appendix: List of re-branded Starkey fitting software;
  • AGX/AudigyGroup
  • Amplifon
  • Audibel
  • Audika
  • AudioSync (Brazil = Portuguese) (Pro Akustik = German)
  • Horex (German/Deutsche)
  • KIND
  • Lisound (Chinese/Zhongguo)
  • Medtronic
  • MicroTech
  • Starkey
  • NuEar
  • Visaudio (French/Francaise)

  • Disclaimer: Hearing aids come in different models for different hearing losses (mild, moderate, severe, profound). Heed the warnings that come with power hearing aids like this example>> CAUTION: BTE Power hearing aid is a powerful hearing instrument. If you have been fitted with BTE Power, never allow others to wear your hearing instruments as incorrect usage could cause permanent damage to their hearing.
  • Disclaimer: These DIY School documents are not meant to encourage self-fitting of your hearing aids. It can be technically challanging and is not for everyone. Though, if you have already decided to self-fit your hearing aids then you may benefit from this extra information on the subject. Also this extra information may come in handy simply for gaining more knowledge about what your audiologist is doing (or not doing) for you.
  • Disclaimer: The author of these documents did not invent Anonymous Community File Sharing. Community file sharing predates anything this author has envisioned, or written, or published.
Please can you send me the fitting software
  • Connexx 9.9.3/SiFit9.9.0 (or latest) for Signia Newer/Current
Thanks a lot for you support
Check your PM/Conversation soon RE: Connexx9.9.3/SiFit9.9.0 for Signia Newer/Current
Hello. The DIY 2.2 school was very helpful, Though, I had to find it using a search engine other than google. thank you!

Oticon Real 1 user here. Looking to DIY program now. I now have a shiny new Noahlink and need to grab the Genie 2 2023x2(?) software. I assume the guide link is also included with the software?
I’ll need to read that first! Thanks for the great forum and thank you for any help!

*edit* Answered this question myself. :) Also, I have the audiogram, but don't have the 'prescription' How much of the setup will download off the device when setting up Genie 2? I assume I will need to start over. Is this a correct assumption?
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  • Read your PM/Conversation RE: Oticon Genie2 2023.2
  • Yep, Google search has (DIY School V2.2) buried very deep at this point-in-time. But it is improving!! Search (DIY School Hearing).
  • You can Run Genie 2, then click Help / Help on Genie 2
  • All the settings can be downloaded from the hearing aids to the fitting software, and save into your database
Though you need to follow some steps which are described in a DIY School PDF File named (02 How to Program your Hearing Aids). Pay special attention to (Step 4 – Save your Original Professional Settings (if any)). You will want the settings saved into your database before you go changing anything.
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Yep, "firehose sipping" is a good way to describe learning DIY hearing aid self fitting. But it will get easier. ;)

May I suggest using the Simulate feature of Genie 2. This feature is described in a DIY School PDF file named (01 Exploring the Fitting Software). The Simulate feature will allow you to explore the features of Genie 2 without even connecting your hearing aids, so there is no chance you will mess things up.

Also, someone has placed undue importance on reading the User Guide by repeating that advice a gazillion times. Sure it's helpful. But it belabors each and every point with excessive detail! Excessive detail may not be so helpful when you are a beginner.
Hello wonderful people! I have Oticon Real 1's but live 3 hours from my audiologist and as an ex-radio producer I thought I would have a crack at teaching myself DIY optimisation. I am ordering a new Noahlink. Would anyone happen to be able to link me to the latest version of Oticon Genie 2? I think I will buy a used pair of Oticon More(s) to practice on though...

Regards from London!
Please I have two new Hanston Beat 3 675 up and noahlink wireless, kindly I need the right fitting software. which version Hansaton Connexx or Hasaton Scut?