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Jul 5, 2023
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Hi All,Does anyone know about Novasense Hearing aids brand,I searched in Internet but there is no any information about it I think it may be the second name of any brand like siemens now signia if anyone knows then please share his information thanks
Read you PM/Conversation for how to find RelateAurafitCustomer4.3 fitting software.

Though, the related hearing aids (pardon the pun) tend to be locked.
Read you PM/Conversation for how to find RelateAurafitCustomer4.3 fitting software.

Though, the related hearing aids (pardon the pun) tend to be locked.
I will try if it is locked then I may ask for unlock code
HMm; I don't exactly know how Aura:fit (the United Healthcare version for Relate hearing aid model) works. It seems to be a version of Unitron TrueFit. Still looking at this???
Yep 4.3 is an old version, plus this version is only for the United Healthcare Relate model, not Novasense.

These locks are not code locks and the lock cannot be unlocked with a code. fuggedaboudit :eek:
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Updated DIY School PDF File named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software). See clip below and remember that clicking a link in the image won't work. You have to be viewing the PDF file to follow the link.
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Ya I tried Aura:fit but not connected the model of Hearing aid looks like siemens and audio service I tried audioservice software but when connecting there was written that these Hearing aid can be connected with (connexx 6) I tried also connexx 6 but connecting failed
HMm; That's an interesting clue! Read your PM/Conversation soon, for information about how to find;
  • Audio Service Connexx 6.5.4 AudioFIT 6.8.5
Oh, I see now that (Audio Service Connexx 6.5.4 AudioFIT 6.8.5) doesn't connect. Yep, that seems right. That was likely a generic "try the legacy version" message from Connexx 9.8.5/AudioFit 9.8.11.

I believe that Novasense hearing instruments are ReBranded Phonak/Unitron hearing instruments and therefore require Aura:fit software which is hidden and we don't know where to find it?

Here's a link from Unitron's website; → Aura:fit software instruction guide
HMm; there are also newer versions; somewhere?
Link to Unitron → Instruction archives
If you look inside the above-linked Instruction archives then you might glean that Phonak Unitron has ̶f̶o̶u̶r̶/three additional ReBranded hearing aid fitting software versions, in addition to the original Unitron TrueFit fitting software. Including @andreanBoea 's long-lost (and still-hidden) Vista:fit v3.7. All of the ReBranded versions are hidden and I dunno where to find them???

2023-Q4 Unitron TrueFit v5.5
  • Era Platform: Quantum, Quantum2, Moxi, Moxi2, Max, Shine Rev
  • North platform: Moxi, Stride
  • Tempus platform: Moxi, Stride, Insera, Max, Shine Rev+
  • Discover platform: Moxi, Stride
  • Discover Next platform: Moxi, Stride, Insera
  • Blu platform: Moxi, Stride, Insera)

  1. 2023-Q4 Aura:fit Vista v5.3 Models;(Vista Basic, Vista Basic+, Vista, Vista N, Vista T, Vista D, Vista DX, and Vista B)
  2. 2022-Q1 Aura:fit AudioNova v5.1 Models;(NovaSense Basic, AudioNova Basic+, NovaSense Elite, AudioNova T, AudioNova D, AudioNova DX, and AudioNova B)
  3. 2022-Q4 Aura:fit Models;(Relate v5.3 Models(Relate, Relate2.0, Relate3.0 and Relate3.1)
  4. 2018-Q3 Vista:fit v3.7 Models;(Vista Basic, Vista, Vista N and Vista T)
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Oh, after more thought it seems like (2018-Q3 Vista:fit v3.7) has been discontinued and replaced with (2023-Q4 Aura:fit Vista v5.3). Though, we are still unable to find the either version.