Pair of Oticon Agil Pro MiniRITE W/ accessories.

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May 17, 2017
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I have a like new pair of Oticon Agil Pro miniRITE aids. They were a "backup" pair that I purchased and only used for about two battery cycles (about 2 weeks) they come with EVERY accessory available.
You get:
-both left and right side aid
-personal carry pouch
-"connectline" blue tooth phone/ music streamer
-"connectline" blue tooth TV adapter
-all cords and charging base
-shield spray
-4 energizer batteries
-2 keychain battery caddies
-oticon bag

I know I paid a little over $3000 for everything but that was a couple years ago. They have sat in a dessicant packed "dry case" most of that time. I guarantee they work and your audiologist can program them for your specific hearing loss.

They were recommended to me for severe hearing loss.
Please message me or respond to this thread if interested. Make me a FAIR offer, and I will ship priority mail for free. I am a small business owner in Albuquerque, NM and can accept credit card payments via my online merchant service.