Request for Widex CompassGPS 4.6 Software


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Nov 16, 2023
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Can any anyone please send me a link to the Widex Compass 4.6 (or earlier) software?
I use to have a working copy that I used for years to self-program my Fusion Evoke HA's -- but the software got nuked somehow during an update.

BTW, if anyone wants to know why I self-program: My audiologist told me (during the first fitting) that she was NOT going to keep "dickering" with the hearing aids in case I had any idea of coming back for "unlimited adjustments", and that I should just be using the default Widex settings (she must have detected that I was a former software engineer :(). In any case, being able to self-program has been a real life-saver, and would seem to be a benefit for both the audiologist and the client.

Unfortunately, I can no longer find the site where I found the last CompassGPS software. Can anyone help?
User PVC has kindly written a description on how to share fitting software here:
Hi Bruce; Read your PM/Conversation in a short while for information on how to find Widex Compass GPS 4.6.

btw> Your helpful link to DIY School (v2.2) may fail at some point in the future. For maintenance purposes I use Access Portals.

Note that DIY School Access Portal links may be (updated, replaced, broken, or restored) from time to time causing you to re-discover a working link for a DIY School Access Portal. Don’t fret if you cannot find an active access portal. Just use a Google/Internet Search for “diy school hearing” or ask a fellow DIYer in any hearing aid discussion forum.
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