Requesting link for Oticon Genie 2 2023.2


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Sep 18, 2023
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May someone kindly please provide me a link for the aforementioned Genie software.


Hi Marty Welcome;
Please read your PM/Conversation in a short time for information about Oticon Genie2 2023.2.
Thank you very much for sending me the link for downloading the latest Genie software, as its been a while since I last used the software as I had used the 2017 version. Unfortunately back then I hit a roadblock as I was issued with NHS synergy sense HA's and I couldn't get the code to unlock them. I am delighted that someone has kindly provided the code to unlock NHS HA's in the latest Genie software.

I have the old HiPro hardware with cables so i'll give this a go, if no joy then purchase the Noah Wireless but might hold off as it seems there is a newer version about to be released.
Okay, that's a lot to unpack.
  • Yes, hold off on buying more equipment/Noahlink Wireless.
  • Yes, Noahlink Wireless 2 is due to be out this fall 2023. Though no major changes to speed or function are expected? And, it may be expensive when first launched.
  • Read a DIY School PDF file named (Unlocking Locked Hearing Aids) for instructions about how to enter the unlock code into the fitting software.
My last information about NHS Spirit Synergy BTE was that it used the Legacy Genie 2017.1 with an unlock code that I won't mention here. So first thing, we need to verify the correct version of fitting software to use (Legacy Genie 2017.1 or the latest Genie2 2023.2)?
Oh, (NHS Engage/Oticon Opn 2 using Genie2);
  • Yes you can use Genie 2 with the unlock code
  • Yes you can use Noahlink Wireless
Typically rebranded hearing aids will not show up in the list of hearing aid models. Though, when you have prepped the hearing aids for connection by Off/On cycling them, and then Click Detect/Connect in the fitting software, the rebranded models magically appear as connected.
For reference here's a clip from the DIY School PDF File named (Choose Hardware-Programming Device for Oticon) of the section pertaining to choosing a hearing aid programming device for Oticon Opn;