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Aug 30, 2019
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So from what I learned when my dad was seeking out tinnitus treatment, is that to help lessen symptoms you should reduce stress, regularly exercise, get enough sleep and stick to a good sleep schedule, and cut out things like nicotine.

As for treatment that will actually help mask the tinnitus so you don't hear it as much or sometimes not at all, there are options and it is really dependent on the person, their tinnitus, their lifestyle, etc.

Do you have hearing loss? Have you spoken with a specialist about your tinnitus?

Our audi was super helpful with finding the right treatment for my dad. It took some time though but now he hardly hears it because it is masked well. (his was accompanied with hearing loss so we got him Resound hearing aids that have a tinnitus app. It seems to be working really well for him. I suggest going and talking with your local hearing specialist or audiologist (whomever you go to) and asking them what options they recommend for tinnitus management/treatment.