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    So from what I learned when my dad was seeking out tinnitus treatment, is that to help lessen symptoms you should reduce stress, regularly exercise, get enough sleep and stick to a good sleep schedule, and cut out things like nicotine. As for treatment that will actually help mask the tinnitus...
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    Hearing aid stuffiness in ears?

    Sounds like you're experiencing occlusion? That can be common if you have ITE hearing aids. What kind of hearing aids do you have? Warranties vary based on manufacturer. Yeah wax build up can be a problem too. If you can have your wax removed that might help too.
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    loss all hearing in right ear

    Question - why did you cochlear turn out to be a failure? And are you experiencing tinnitus now (is that the loud roaring noise in your head?). Sorry to hear about all of that!!!!!
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    My father has tinnitus. It is especially worse for him at night. My mom thought he was joking for the longest time when he'd go "do you here that annoying sound?!" but then when things got worse we took him to an audi and sure enough he has tinnitus. It was hard for us to understand at first but...