Hearing Aid embarrassment


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In this day and age I would say with Ear Molds you would look just look a high Tech person the number of our world population that now wear mold is really growing due to communication or protection and even now for listening to music with the new higher tech blue tooth ear molds then we have us the Hearing aid wearers.


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I understand the challenges, but you need to know that:
a) Many hearing aids are designed to be nearly invisible, especially in-the-ear models. Most modern BTE wires are clear, and when placed next to the skin, vanish very effectively.
b) Most people only notice them if YOU draw attention to them, especially when they are in colors that match your hair/skintone (depending on your haircut, it may be a complete non-issue).
c) People will vastly prefer you wearing them to not wearing them and saying, "What?" all the time.
d) In an increasingly bionic world, prosthesis are becoming weirdly "cool." Make it a part of your persona. "Own it."


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Mezzo, I understand your feelings. I hated the big obvious tubes that ran from the speaker in the aid into my ear canal. Modern aids have a very fine wire (hardly visible) that connects the speaker in your ear canal with the behind the ear aid. Much more discrete. Don't know where you are, but in the UK most audiologists will let you try on different aids, sometimes for a good few days, to see how you get on. Nothing to lose but your inability to hear!