hearing aid product question


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has anyone had any luck making contact with the hearsource company? i have sent them at least 5 emails from there website and have yet to get any replies. so are they a for real company? and does anyone actually use their products?

for the last 3 weeks i have sent ou from their site using there ask a questions page questions about their products and not one person has got back to me. so i wonder if that site is for real or a scam site. i like the ability to program my own aids and they show on their site that you can do this with their programmer device. i have their software now but does me no good if no one from the site gets back to me so i can as questions about the product and if it will work for me.

so maybe some here have these aids and can talk some about them or say if the site is for real and the aids are real. thanks


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Not sure where you are located but the only company I know of is in the state of Indiana and is a discount hearing aid business been around for around 20 years my grandfather used them if I was still out there I would have went to them


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I definitely know this is a genuine business. Totally legit. If you're having trouble reaching them by email, try giving them a call (I know, it's hard when your hearing sucks). It's possible your email is going to spam or something. Are you emailing them from a private address or a work email address? Work email addresses like bob@whereiwork.com can sometimes get flagged as possible spam by busy companies. It's also possible their email form is just broken. They specialize in hearing aids, but maybe not in websites? Just a thought....