HearSource Does for Hearing Impaired Community What Others Won't (or Can't)


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HearSource was founded in 1997. We began right away by making all of our services available directly to the public. HearSource has a singular mission: to provide new brand name hearing aids and high-quality hearing aid support services to you at a great price.

Why use HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab?
HearSource has a complete laboratory, manned by factory trained technicians, prepared to fix all makes, models, and designs of hearing aids (not cochlear implants). We are better than a local hearing aid outfitter, because we have more experience, and in many cases, they send your hearing aids to us anyways, and charge you more for the service than you would pay if you came to us directly. Our hearing aid repair services are backed with a six-month or optional one-year warranty. We also provide hearing aid reprogramming services and follow-up fitting appointments via telephone and video chat (teleaudiology services).

Why buy Hearing Aids from HearSource?
HearSource is a front-runner in the implementation of teleaudiology and in-home hearing aid programming. Today, we offer well-known and renown hearing aid brands with the added capability of providing remote fitting, programming, and adjustment services that we provide to you in the comfort of your own home. Our hearing aid business model is designed to provide the same brand name hearing aids and better support services that you find at local providers, at a lower cost online. You can save over $3,100 on new hearing aid purchases with HearSource.