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I'm looking for some suggestions in regard to a Moisture Control storage container for my hearing aids. When I got my hearing aids they came with a small, round container that had moisture beads in the bottom with a snap on lid. I never used it initially but I've had some moisture related issues and I've been storing my aids in this container over night. I was into my Audiologist today and asked if there was anything better to use than at container and she indicated that there was but the price quoted was over $100.00 so I'm wondering if anyone knows of another storage container that's cheaper. Any ideas will be appreciated.


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If the hearing aids have built in rechargeable batteries, will 122 degrees for three hours each night in this device shorten the life of the batteries? Should these 'dehumidifiers' be used only with aids that have their batteries removed?

Here is the seller's response to this question on Amazon:

Question: Can you leave batteries in when you dry them?

Answer: Hi. It is recommended that you remove the battery before drying as the increased heat may result in running the battery down prematurely. We have however received feedback from some users that they leave the battery in and it doesn't seem to affect the battery life. This may be as a result of the type of battery used but the manufacturers official position is that it is better to remove the battery. see less
By Tools Downunder Seller on January 16, 2019

Here is an article regarding drying challenges for rechargeable hearing aids:

Here is the item on Amazon. Yes, over $100.

Bottom line: Check with whoever supplied your hearing aids. If they are rechargeable, ask if any specific drying device or temperature would impact the longevity of the built-in battery or if it would affect the warranty. Oh, and make sure you can trust your audiologist. Some of them strike me as having similar characteristics to used car salesmen. Yes, there are some good, honest, helpful, sincere used car salesmen out there. But finding one can be a challenge.
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