hearing aid

  1. L

    The choice of prescriptive methods

    Hello, I'm new here:D. I've been wearing hearing aids for about 20 years since I was 10 years old. When I started fitting the HA myself, I found the prescriptive methods to be quite interesting and they caught my attention. Before I started self-fitting, my audiologist would simply use the...
  2. Dusmith1


    #1 I don't know a lot about Hearing aids but I am having a much improved life of hearing again with my only ear god gave me thanks to the Starkey Hearing Foundation Hear Now I am using a Muse i2400 Standard RIC with ear mold I never realized how much sound I was missing with my loss of hearing...
  3. J


    My hearing aids allow me to have conversations with people I can’t hear. I love that it has different modes so I can switch between them based upon the mode I need at any moment.
  4. J

    Two tips for hearing aid/ cochlear implant in winter

    Firstly, moisture-proof Fault Problem: in the autumn and winter season, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. The steam generated in air and human ear canal is easy to coagulate in the inner part of the guided tube and hearing aid, which affects the transmission of...