a&m hearing aid


Feb 4, 2024
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Can i know any feedback and informations about a&m hearing aid
I heared they are same as signia??
That's a good guess because they use this fitting software; Connexx 9.6.6 with AMFit 9.6.10
You can run the software and just poke around a little looking at different models and things like that.
Tip: You can click the image to enlarge;

(Connexx 9.6.6/AMFit9.6.10) for A&M Newer/Current works separately from (Connexx 9.11.10/SiFit9.11.10) for Signia Newer/Current.
You can install both and run each one separately.

Though, that is not the way Connexx Legacy works. If you want to use two versions of Connexx Legacy here's a clip from a DIY School Hearing Aids PDF File named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software);
  • If you want to use both versions of Legacy/Connexx (Siemens/Signia and Rexton), install both versions. When the installation is complete, you will have two HI databases and one Legacy/Connexx6 executable. You can select which HI database you want to use from the Manufacturer drop-down menu and then select Siemens or Rexton; however, for new/current versions of Connexx, you will have two HI databases and two separate Connexx executables.
Thanks alot
I think 2 versions better
Lets see if someone try this hearing aid
I think its new brand.
Yes, it may be "new" as in not previously used by another person.
But I don't think it is latest technology as in;
  • 2023-Q3 Signia IX
  • 2022-Q3 Signia AX
  • 2018-Q2 Signia Nx