Getting new Oticon Intent 1's soon - Got em!


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Apr 12, 2023
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I took the hearing test today at the VA.

Their sound-proof room (not booth) is a wonder to behold. It's as big as a regular fitting room with a screen inside the sound-proof room so you can watch the generated charts while various tests are being performed. There are two (human size walk-thru) doors to the sound-proof room. First they close one door, and then close the other door behind it. Zero external noise.

No headphones, they just insert speakers into your ears. No button to press. You just say "Yes" when you hear the beep Also, you can just speak to repeat the phrases during SIN/Speech-In-Noise tests that have varying levels of background noise. So no headphones, no microphones, no button press.

Though, the VA's hearing test equipment is not yet capable of running the → (ACT - Audible Contrast Threshold) test. So I will have to get by without that new SIN/Speech-In-Noise measurement technology. Though, the VA's repeat-spoken-phrases while the background noise gets worse and worse seems to be acceptable. Though, I don't know yet how my SIN test score will be applied during first fit, as opposed to simply entering an ACT number in the Genie 2 fitting software??

I will be getting a new charger and I cannot use the previous charger because Intents use (+/-)Contact charging as opposed to the Contactless charging used for previous models. New custom molds too. New molds are required because the receiver technology is new and of a different physical size.

My new Audiogram shows a small extra loss in 2K frequency on my right ear otherwise it is almost the same as my previous/older Audiogram. I will include the new Audiogram in my Signature below (which is always-visible when you are logged in).

My appointment for fitting the Oticon Intent 1's is pushed way back to July 23rd. Yikes, I will try to sneak in earlier if someone cancels.

PVC Audiogram.jpg
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Have you seen the size-comparison image that has been bandied about? I don't believe it's an accurate representation of the size difference!

Today I was holding The Oticon Intent side-by-side with my Oticon More. The Intent is not that much shorter!

I have drawn a solid-thick white line on the image below to represent where I think is a more accurate representation of the size difference, and I will try to provide images later to show side-by-side comparison. Though, it will take a month or two until I have both in hand.

I just received my Oticon Intent 1 minirite HAs from VA. My fitter adjusted them using REM for the most part. I previously tested Real 1. So far I like the Intent a little better than the Real. Time will tell. I have down loaded Genie 2 and it started up just fine. Questions: Is there documentation that describes in detail how to use Genie 2? PVC, anyway for me to make adjustments to my intents without causing an issue with my VA fitter?
Wow! Oticon Intent 1's! Those are good hearing aids. Free too :cool:

No, there is no way to make adjustments to your hearing aids without causing an issue with your fitter. Once you write something/anything to the hearing aids, then your hearing aids DateTimeStamp will no longer match the Audiologist Database-DateTimeStamp. So your audiologist will know.

Upon knowing the settings were changed, your audiologist will simply revert to his/her last database fittings. So I don't see why the VA should have a problem with this? But some VA fitters will scold you for this.

Best to have a discussion about this up front. Also best to save the original professional settings as your first step as described in a DIY School Hearing Aids (v2.2) PDF File named (02 How to Program your Hearing Aids).

As an excuse you can tell them that your TV streaming settings were off and you like to setup the TV streaming audio perfectly, using the End Fitting step. The image below is for Phone but the TV Adapter settings are similar.

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You should practice using Genie 2's Simulate feature which is described in a DIY School Hearing Aids PDF file named;
  • (01 Explore the manufacturer's software)
I'm excited to hear that both @pvc and @BeachBill are getting your Intents and trying it out. Please share your experience with the Intents back here on the forum so we can learn about their performance better through your experience! It's also great that we have DIY'ers using the Intent. That means experienced users who know what they want and how to adjust for things to fix their issues quickly. I'd be especially curious on what you think about how the Intent performs with music, and if you don't like how their MyMusic program performs, what you do to fix it. Thanks again!
I am on vacation until next week. I will not be able to mess with the fitting for a week or two. In the mean time, I got my intents last week. My audi set them up using pretty much using REM only. Since then I have flown on airplanes, eaten in restaurants, listened to music I have on my Iphone and been in conversations with adults and children gathered together. My impressions so far are:
  • Airplane - I was surprised by how much better I could hear in the terminal. Both conversations and announcements. Not perfect (it never will be) but better.
  • Restaurant - Acoustics in the restaurant was good as well as the seating. My table had 4 and the conversations went fairly well.
  • Music on my Iphone is really good.
After I return to home ,where I have my fitting hardware, I will experiment with some settings and let the forum know the results.
I just ordered a Noahlink wireless 2 programmer and would like to find the Genie 2 software to use on my new Oticon Intent 1 hearing aids.
Also, I’d like to offer a few observations and a bit about my experience with the Intents during my first 10 days of use. First, my horrible tinnitus seems to be lessened by nearly 75% over the levels I experienced with both my KS-10s and KS-8s. This is without using the tinnitus programs Oticon supplies. Secondly, my speech understanding both in quiet and noisy environments is significantly improved and I rarely have confusion between many of the consonants sounds including my nemesis f, s, and t,c, etc. I find the double domes a bit annoying and still don’t eliminate all feedback so will order custom molds next visit. Listening to music is ok but not ideal even with a special music program. Overall, I like the sound and the ability to hear outdoor sounds far clearer than any of my previous hearing aids.
Finally I am jealous of all of you getting your aids from the VA and after applying multiple times, I do not qualify based on the means test. Unfortunately my hearing losses while on active duty were not documented at the time of my discharge physical. Although far more costly than my Costco hearing aids, I find they are well worth the additional cost.
Read your PM/Conversation for information on how to find Oticon Genie2 2024.1

Also, find a “VA advocate” in your area to help you apply for VA services!! Also; if you have hearing loss then you are also likely to have tinnitus, so claim that too in addition to claiming a service-related hearing loss.
@pvc; Many thanks for the link and advice to look for a VA advocate. You are a valuable source for the hearing impaired community.

For those interested, I used Zip Hearing to purchase my Oticon Intent 1 HA’s. My BC/BS insurance provides a $2500.00 benefit every 5 years but starting this year require a “ prior approval”. My independent audiologist is a provider for Zip Hearing and between the 2, they obtained the prior approval, which is a infuriating requirement for a person with long term and well documented hearing loss and severe tinnitus for over 50 years.
My mom had the Intent before I got the Noahlink wireless and by the time the trial also expired so we had to return them to avoid $3k cost. I am trying out the DIY with Opn to see if I could get them working well. Then I can go for more or real. We do not get insurance benefit.
She did like the Intents and said those were clear.
Someone cancelled their appointment so I got bumped up to get my Oticon Intent 1's this afternoon. Who-Hoo! :D
Someone cancelled their appointment so I got bumped up to get my Oticon Intent 1's this afternoon. Who-Hoo! :D
Dang!! I thought my PC (and my refrigerator) were both much quieter!! :eek: They're not!

I can hear my car radio with the windows open. I couldn't do that before.

I had to adjust the TV Streaming sound because it was too full/Boomy. The audiologist doesn't know when/if streaming needs to be adjusted. So it's up to you to inform your audiologist if your streaming quality needs adjustment. Or you can DIY change it. :cool:

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The new-style miniFit Detect receivers are a much more comfortable fit than the previous Oticon miniFit receivers.

How can I describe this? The wires are curved differently to provide comfort. I no longer have the issue with (hearing aid-and-receiver) tugging against each other for a tight fit close to your head, but with discomfort from being too tight.

It's the same length receiver wire (#3) but much more comfortable. And yes, it fits close to my head for a natural look without any protruding parts.
What did you have before the Intent, @pvc ? Was it the More or the Real?

It sounds like the Intent is a major and significant step up then?
What did you have before the Intent, @pvc ? Was it the More or the Real?
I jumped from the More 1s to the Intent 1s and yes my hearing is significantly better with the Intents.

Oh, even in a crowded restaurant today (Popeye's Chicken) I had no problem hearing every word spoken in front of me. And, I don't even have a Speech-in-Noise program. I don't see any need for one yet.
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When I take these off I feel somewhat isolated in my silence. It seems that I miss the whirling and buzzing sounds around me. I know that I shouldn't feel that way. But I do! With my older More's I didn't pickup these sounds so there was not much to miss. :oops:

Here's an image (captured with the cellphone macro technique) and you may notice how the bends in the wire are different between the new miniFit Detect receivers and the previous Oticon miniFit receivers. The new receiver wire is more "L" shaped and I am guessing this allows it to more easily lie flat against your head without being stretched/pulled-tight.


Also the (miniFit Detect receivers and the previous Oticon miniFit receivers) are in NO WAY interchangeable! Look at the plug-in connectors;

Now you're making me feel excited about getting my own Intent. I'm waiting to hit my max out of pocket on my medical insurance, which should allow me to get the Intent with 100% of its cost covered. Hopefully later on this year.
Oh, That's not very long to wait. :)
Here's an image of More1's on top and Intent1's on the bottom;