Hi, I l have a Phonak Audeo P30-R and a Airlink 2, who can help me to setup my Phonak

  • You will need the Phonak Target fitting software.
  • Also, has your GN ReSound Airlink 2 device been converted into a Noahlink Wireless device using a firmware update?
  • Read a DIY School Hearing Aids (V2.2) PDF file named (02 How to Program your Hearing Aids)
  • Please read your PM/Conversation for information on how to find → Phonak Target 9.1.1
Also; the DIY School Hearing Aids (v2.2) access portals are at your finger tips via 24/7 cloud storage access.
  • Start here → DIY School Hearing Aids (v2.2) to find the access portals
  • You can easily find the Access Portals again/anytime, by clicking any PVC Avatar (click twice - counting the 2nd popup Avatar)
  • When logged in, you can find the Access Portals again/anytime, by clicking a Link in my Signature
  • And finally, you can perform a simple Internet search for "DIY School Hearing Aids"
:cool: Congrats. Good start!
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