Widex Compass GPS 4.8 - New Release - May 2024


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Apr 12, 2023
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  • The Updater was updated (see below)
  • No new hearing aid models!!
  • I would take this update if I were you (see red highlighted text below)

In COMPASS GPS V4.8, we have added support for more types of AutoREM equipment. COMPASS GPS V4.8 supports the following AutoREM modules (new modules supported marked in bold text):
• Affinity Suite
• OTOsuite
• Primus Module
• Measure Module
• Unity Module
The AutoREM process has not changed. We only added the possibility to use a number of different types of equipment and new software modules to let you make even more precise fitting verifications using external equipment.
The external, automatic update service software that we have used up till now will be discontinued by the provider this summer. We have changed to use another piece of software that will ensure that you can have your COMPASS GPS installation updated automatically in the future.
Therefore, it is extremely important that you make sure that all installations of COMPASS GPS are updated to version 4.8 before the end of August 2024. Otherwise, you will lose the possibility to automatically update your installation.
You will not see any difference in your COMPASS GPS Updater. It is only the software behind the updater that will change.
We have updated the System information dialog box to include more information, thus making it easier to check whether your system meets the requirements for running COMPASS GPS.

To open the System information dialog box, select About COMPASS GPS from the Help menu, and select the System info link in the dialog box displayed. The System information dialog box contains a lot of information about your system and compares it to the requirements for running COMPASS GPS. From the dialog box, you can save or print the information.
I'm having problems upgrading and installing Compass GPS 4.8, it tells me it can't find Compass.msi.
When I try to uninstall Compass GPS, it also tells me that it can't find Compass.msi!
After fixing it with the Compass GPS 4.7 installer and then upgrading to Compass GPS 4.8, everything was OK.