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    Questions about BAHA (bone conduction HA's)

    You should definitely have them programmed to address your specific hearing profile, even if it's a trial. It will dramatically improve the quality of sounds you hear, and give you a clearer idea of what to expect, post-op. Many users report that BAHAs sound more natural than their traditional...
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    HearSource Does for Hearing Impaired Community What Others Won't (or Can't)

    HearSource was founded in 1997. We began right away by making all of our services available directly to the public. HearSource has a singular mission: to provide new brand name hearing aids and high-quality hearing aid support services to you at a great price. Why use HearSource Hearing Aid...
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    are hearing aid headbands worth the purchase?

    It sounds like your earmolds are too small. I would strongly recommend returning to your provider and asking them to reapply lacquer to them, to increase their size a tiny bit. There are also coatings that resist moisture better and grip skin more effectively. In the meantime, try a leash system...
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    Hearing Aid embarrassment

    I understand the challenges, but you need to know that: a) Many hearing aids are designed to be nearly invisible, especially in-the-ear models. Most modern BTE wires are clear, and when placed next to the skin, vanish very effectively. b) Most people only notice them if YOU draw attention to...
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    Review of my hearing aides

    Mind telling us more about what you bought? I'm something of a technology nerd.
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    Digital Hearing Aids Make the World Sound Unnatural

    If your hearing loss is profound, there may be only so much that even today's tech can do for you. Remember, the main goal is to help you hear human speech. Very few hearing aids are designed to provide you with a music-quality sound reproduction. Your audiologist should have managed your...
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    Analog vs digital hearing aids

    double post...
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    Analog vs digital hearing aids

    You can have your hearing aids adjusted to just have one or two basic "programs" for at home and for noisy places, which will simplify things in one way. If your hearing aids have a volume control, that should be the only other setting you ever need to mess with. Additionally, if you have a...
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    hearing aid product question

    I definitely know this is a genuine business. Totally legit. If you're having trouble reaching them by email, try giving them a call (I know, it's hard when your hearing sucks). It's possible your email is going to spam or something. Are you emailing them from a private address or a work email...
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    spare battery carrier

    Honestly, I just tear the top of the card off, and keep the rest in my hearing aid case, still in the original "dispenser" package. If you're dealing with a smaller battery or don't have a case small enough to carry around, maybe try one of these?
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    The best ones are the ones that haven't been sitting on a shelf in a drug store for 18 months, going slowly dead. Brand-wise, there's little difference. Avoid buying them anywhere that they might have been sitting, is the main thing. Stick to sources with high turnover of products. Big box...
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    Hearing aid stuffiness in ears?

    It is quite common with custom earmolds to experience this. It could be that the vents in your earmolds need to be enlarged. This will help prevent that "plugged" feeling of occlusion, but it can also lead to increased feedback noise on older, less capable hearing aids. If you have really small...