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Not sure how this forum works, so I'll ask my question again here. I'm looking for a download of programming software for Phonak Bolero aids. I have Exelia Art aids and program using a Hi-Pro, but the software does not recognize Bolero.
I've read that the Target software may work with Bolero aids, and you can buy them on Ebay (saw one recently). There's also iCube to consider.
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I am 67 just joined the group in hopes that i could find the right hearing aid. I have moderate to challenging hearing loss (upper mid tones is worst and some loss in high tones) in my left ear. I would like to stay under 1500.00 but could go higher if quality increase is significant. I want good functionality with a minimum of technical problems and battery problems. Thanks.
Most of the hearing aid centre in Chennai offering best diagnostic test for who all suffering with hearing problem. After test suggest best kind of hearing aid devices based on how people are affected by hearing loss.
Hi brain Iam ent doctor from Iraq I want to serve people with hearing problem can we communicate with each other
I have purchased 2 inner canal hearing aids from Korea,after sending them my Audiogram.
I live in Australia so was a bit dubious about the outcome.
After much E mail between their rep in Seoul and myself,I purchased 2 x 16 channel inner canal hearing aids for US$560 + 35 postage.
The only minus side to this is that I couldn't get a mould of my inner ears and therefore have to use an ear bud on the end of each aid.
This has turned into a bit of a saga because the silicone buds are not 100% fit even though
I have purchased different shapes and sizes.
Today I am overjoyed to find that the memory foam buds that I have just received from China are working 100%,couldn't be more happy.
The sound of the AIDS is superb,l can hear in a crowd all the different sounds.
On top of that I have saved at least A$5000+.Merry Xmas to all
I have had menieres since 2002 and recently developed it in the second ear. I have one analog HA but will need to get two new ones. Any advise about what HA work best for meniers. I have sever hearing loss.
Imagine if your 12 your old son was just diagnosed with a hearing loss. What would you do? You'd probably get him a good set of hearing aids. Now, imagine if you were just diagnosed with a hearing loss. What would you do? Why do so many hearing impaired adults put off getting hearing aids? Most would say it's the cost, but in the UK, where hearing aids are covered by socialized medicine, the statistics are exactly the same as the US. Only 15% of adults with diagnosed hearing loss elect to get hearing aids annually. This means it’s NOT JUST THE COST! Most people are truly ignorant to the effects hearing loss has on the aging process and the brain. The reality is, it's the perception! Vanity and pride deter the vast number of people from being treated, which is very sad...
My compliments to you. Your posts are excellent!

I find your comments interesting. You appear to have not only good information but common sense to boot.

Keep it up.

Regards, Maurice
Research, evaluate, and research some more when making informed decisions. I certainly did when it came to finding the hearing aids just for me! I recently evaluated the latest hearing aids from the following website - Advanced Hearing Technologies - Wanted: People For Hearing Aids Trial
Bengalspeech is the Largest chain of hearing aid clinics and speech therapy in India, Kolkata. this is a hearing aid clinic provides best quality services at affordable price.
Hi, I am a new member. I am a first time HA user and am testing the ReSound and Starkey HAs -- they create a mechanical noise or a swooshing air sound when I'm exposed to environmental noise (street traffic, air conditioner, etc) but is clear of this static when it is quiet or someone is talking:):confused:. Any ideas why? Thank you
My audi returned a pair of hansaton vineto (one year old) and loaned me a starkey tour 130. The vineto are 12 channel and the starkey 6 channel. The vinetos have
never performed near as well as the starkeys. Can anyone explain this to me. Thanks