Analog vs digital hearing aids


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Jan 7, 2018
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I’ve been using analog for many years. Was told that companies no longer make analogs. So I was ‘forced’ to get digital which I’m not too crazy. Too many settings. Digital makes everything sound different. I had audiologist to change the settin
You can have your hearing aids adjusted to just have one or two basic "programs" for at home and for noisy places, which will simplify things in one way. If your hearing aids have a volume control, that should be the only other setting you ever need to mess with. Additionally, if you have a smart phone, most digital hearing aids can be adjusted on the fly via your phone and an app, so you don't need to go poking behind your ears, blindly hoping to hit the right button combo. If you're having trouble figuring this stuff out, you can PM me and I'll try to talk you through it.

There are some foreign companies still making analog, but they are trash, now. Digital is definitely going to sound different. More emphasis on the ranges of sound where your hearing loss really exists, and less amplification of everything else. It sounds tinny at first, but when you get used to it, it becomes more natural. Of course, if your tech does a bad job of programming, then the technology will be limited by his/her failings. It's why I recommend looking for a hearing aid programming expert, and not just trusting your local shop to know what's best.