anyone ever use the soundworld devices


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Aug 26, 2018
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i got an email the other day about the sound world solutions hearing aids. i did some emails back and forth to them but as you all know every company has claims that there product is the best. but the only way to actually find out how good they are is to either try them or ask other that have tried them to see if they like them or not.

the company told me that my hearing loss would work better with the hd75r devices. so i asked them how the buttons work and i see then have the phone app that is used for programming. but when i checked out that part on the website it looks like only a few phones either can program them or have the abliity to do some special programing. so can anyone tell me if these are good devices or just sound amps? being my audeio v10 aids allow me to do s bit of sound recover the high sounds that i can't hear i can move them a bit lower in the spectrum and now i hear them a bit better.

so i wonder if the hg75r aids will allow this, the company seems to evaid that question for now and tells me to just try them and see how they work.