Anyone working with Earzz solution over here?


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Mar 6, 2024
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I have the pricey Bellmann solution at home to notice me for smoke alarm, telephone rings and doorbells. Unfortunately this thing is only working if you are in the vicinity of the receivers, my alarm clock or my flash light, or take the (big) remote with you. In my case it even does not detect the ring of my international wellknown Comelit doorbell system.
So I now started using Earzz which came out with a new startup product in England. Their customer service is great and they even helped me out by adding my, by Bellmann undetected, doorbell ring sounds.

I receive my alarms from the Earzz now on my cellphone which I am carrying with me most of the time. Instead of my remote control for the Bellmann, TV, for the Stereo equipment, the light, the doorlock, my Amazon Alexa etc.
Nowadays you can even use your Android cellphone to take over these jobs by infrared.

And the Earzz are working with IFTTT, which gives you more or less the possibility to do things as the Bellmann system like light flashing and sound signaling. Only for my pillow shaker I did not find the solution yet, maybe not existing at the time…

But what I was after; are there any members who have experiences we could share in the usage of these solutions.


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