are hearing aid headbands worth the purchase?

Feb 7, 2018
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I find my hearing aids fall over my ears on a regular basis. Are these 'hearing aid retainers' as many call them worth the purchase and do adults wear them as well when doing activities that are more than active where the hearing aids might fall out? It is getting to the warmer temperatures out and I cannot afford to loose them! The 'retainers' come in many different styles, I'm looking for a slim head band style. I just wanted to know what some of ya thought about the idea.

Also I am strongly considering getting a second pair of ear moulds after I pay for a few more things. Then I have a back up pair. i also heard a new sound the other day my Dad failed to pick up. The dog growling softly. XD!! He's a small dog so he growls at anything.
It sounds like your earmolds are too small. I would strongly recommend returning to your provider and asking them to reapply lacquer to them, to increase their size a tiny bit. There are also coatings that resist moisture better and grip skin more effectively. In the meantime, try a leash system like this:

This will be way more comfortable in the summer heat, and vanishes pretty well into your clothing/hair.