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Apr 12, 2023
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Welcome @ash , @rem , @moneybanks14 , @stillinfo !!

Youse guys together remind me of new Apple computers that use the Apple Silicon (M1 M2 M3) style processors. And, those new processors cannot use the Industry standard Noahlink Wireless hearing aid programming device because there is no driver. Older Macs can use emulation to run the fitting software. But even under emulation these new Apple ARM processors/CPUs cannot be used due to no available driver.

Well I thought it was a graphically oddity of new members :p Maybe not? But welcome anyway. I hope you like DIY School Hearing Aids.

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Coincidence? I hope so.

I do have to feel for those losing their DIY due to this processor change.
I’m considering getting a cheap Windows machine for this purpose. I want to upgrade my MacBook someday. (I just found DIY School today btw, someone slipped me a link.)
Hi kero; Welcome and glad you found DIY School Hearing Aids. Yep, it’s sad but true that (one or some??) HoH-community advice-givers will guide newbie DIYers away from DIY School.

I updated DIY School Hearing Aids with a couple of well placed warnings about this misdirection. Not much more I can do about it. C'est la vie.

Meanwhile; Any DIYer can help another newbie DIYer by showing him-or-her how to find -> DIY School.
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Coincidence? I hope so.
Well, it's not by coincidence. All hearing aid fitting software runs only on Windows OS/Operating Systems! Though, you can get around that limitation by emulating Windows on Apple computers. However, you will still need to install Windows to run under emulation.

Even with all that emulation and pretending to be running on a Windows computer, the new Apple ARM processors (M1, M2, M3) cannot use the most popular hearing aid programming device (Noahlink Wireless) because there is no Noahlink Wireless driver that works on these new ARM processors.
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there is no Noahlink Wireless driver that works on these new ARM processors.
And it's not just Apple silicon for Macs; there are some Windows laptops and desktops that use ARM CPUs and that can't support Noahlink Wireless.

HIMSA -- the organization that's behind NOAH -- gives no indication that there is any prospect of ARM driver support.