FOR SALE Pair of Oticon OPN 1 miniRITE / Beige Color / Top Level / Excellent condition


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Apr 12, 2023
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I picked up a pair if Oticon More 2's so I'm selling a pair of Oticon OPN 1's as an EBay penny auction.

Here's a picture. ETA: Sold for $382 USD

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Oticon Opn1.jpg
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Do share with us your impression of the More 2 compared to the OPN 1 once you've had a chance to wear it to enough places, @pvc .
Using More 1's or More 2's I could pick up sounds slightly better than Oticon Opn For example; with the More1 or More2 I could clearly hear the low sound of (Soda/Coke/Pepsi) fizz when pouring soda over ice and not at all with the Opn. But wait; With the More I also started wearing custom molds. Maybe that's was the difference?

btw> Going forward, She will be wearing the More 2's and I will be wearing the More 1's. Both of our typical listening environments are simple/not complicated. We love TV streaming but we don't stream phone calls.

I could test again using Opn with a new fitting with acoustics set for custom molds and vent size. But wait again; I ran out of soda. Dang, this is complicated. Maybe I'll just have a beer and see how that sounds.;)

Oh, She doesn't hear any difference between More-with-Domes or Opn-with-Domes. They sound the same to her.
I would agree with you that it's probably the custom molds on your More 2 that are probably letting you hear a little more low sounds. This sounds like great justification to buy more sodas or start opening up the beer for the experiment! ;)
I just got Opn 1 for my mom. Maybe once I play with DIY I can upgrade her to better ones.