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Apr 21, 2024
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I am a 74 year old who has been using Coscto hearing aids for about 13 years. I recently got Jabra Enchance Pro 20s in January and they are on their second return for service in a week. I am trying out Phillips 9030s.
Not that I am recommending everyone should learn DIY self programming. It's a steep learning curve and not for everyone.

Though, the video also gives you insight as to what options are available to your Costco fitter. It's nice to know what the fitter is doing.
Also, please read your conversation to find out how to find GN ReSound SmartFit 1.18 + Aventa 3
Thanks. As a former IT guy, I have always watched and questioned settings that the fitter performed. As a full-time RVer, I have gotten aids and adjustments from dozens of Costco locations and have encountered various levels of experience and quality in fitters. Once, when I was getting new Kirkland aids, the factory rep was there. It was amazing how much he knew compared to the Costco fitter he was training.

The fitters I have encountered in a couple of locations near me now, haven't impressed me yet. When I complained about wax build-up in rechargeables because I couldn't use an overnight cleaner, I was told to clean my ears better. When I complained that I had a lot of glasses noise, I was told that they were adjusted properly.

Blaming a customer or saying, "too bad" are not hallmarks of good customer service, in my opinion.

When someone once said to Grouch Marks, "I don't need to come here to get insulted." His response was, "Where do you usually go?" I'll give the local Costcos another chance or two, but I might just take adjustments into my own hands until I get better service.