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May 26, 2024
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Hello, fellow members. I'm from Ontario, Canada, and have been a hearing aid user since my late 20's/early 30's (I'm officially senior citizen now).

I have asymetrical hearing loss - right ear is for decoration only, lol. I literally have a hole in my head - the anvil/hammer/stirrup, mastoid and part of the eardrop was removed when I was nine years old. I have a cookie bite hearing loss in both ears (the right ear is significantly impaired - speech recognition is only about 20%). Then after a series of flu's and some strange medical incidents, the hearing in my left ear started to steadily decline in my mid-late adult years. I started wearing a CROS in 2019, but was unhappy with Phonak, although I think I adapted to the CROS reasonably well. I just completed a consult with a new audiologist and ordered the Oticon Real, I think it is (the latest version didn't offer slim tube or regular instead of rechargeable batteries). Has anyone had any experience with this brand and/or a CROS system?
Hi @HearYe; Welcome

Sorry; No CROS experience for me. But here's a clip from a DIY School Hearing Aids (v2.2) PDF file showing the Oticon platforms releases. Note that the Sirius platform/Intent is newer that Polaris/Real;

Big-5 Platforms/New Chips
Red = new chip

William DeMant/Oticon, Bernafon, Philips, Sonic

2024Q1Sirius2024-Q1 Intent miniRITE; new Lithium-ion charger technology - has contacts - is not inductive charging, new miniFit Detect speakers - not miniFit speakers
2020Q4Polaris2023-Q1 Real miniRITE R, miniRITE T, miniBTE R, miniBTE T
2022-Q2 Zircon miniRITE R, miniRITE T, miniBTE R, miniBTE T
2022-Q2 More miniBTE R, miniBTE T
2020-Q4 More miniRITE R, miniRITE T
2019Q1Velox S *2020-Q2 Ruby, miniRITE, miniRITE T, miniRITE R, BTE, BTE Power Plus
2019-Q2 Xceed, Xceed Play
2019-Q1 Opn S, Opn-Play
2016Q2Velox *2018-Q4 Siya
2017-Q2 Opn ZPower Rechargeable miniRITE
2016-Q2 Opn
2015Q1Inium SenseAlta2, Nera2, Ria2, Dynamo
2013-Q?IniumAlta, Nera, Ria
2010Q1RISE2Agil, Acto
2007Q2RISEVigo, Epoq
*=Firmware Update requires Hi Pro