Hearing aid discomfort

Ray Douce

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Nov 13, 2023
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My Phonax left ear aid, has given me an itchy sensation since I first had them. It’s been 3 1/2 years, now the ear canal has been painful. I had to removed the piece 4 days ago. Is this a common problem?
I stream through my aids daily, Could that cause it?
Have started the process of getting an appointment with a doctor, but thought maybe someone else could offer relief.
HMm; I don't see how streaming can cause itching. Streaming is just the difference of listening to a Bluetooth audio source as opposed to listening to ambient sound picked up by your hearing aid/HA microphones. One or the other should be the same for itching.

Also I think that ear discomfort is a common problem. However, most people get over the discomfort when wearing HAs all day and consistently over a period of time (especially 3 1/2 years)!

Are you wearing Domes? Molds? These can cause pain when not fitting properly?

The wrong size "wire" between the HA and your ear canal can cause pain, especially when too short and constantly tugging too tightly.

I like to use those little alcohol pads to clean the part that fits in my ear, and Q-Tips to clean my ears. People have various remedies for cleaning their outer ear canals.

You might use an Internet/Google search for itchy ears because it might be other problems???