Hello all… Emile from the Netherlands here


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Mar 6, 2024
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Hi Everybody,

Looking for conversations and information about HA’s just found this forum which seems to exist since 2012 and I didn’t find before.
Even found some lost ‘friends’ back over here who left elsewhere.
Always looking for news and technology improvements about HA I hope this place can be interesting also.
Thanks to the ones that make this possible and are doing a great job in keeping this platform in the air.

My native language is Dutch, hope to get through in English.
Was a MD PhD in radiology and got my BICT programming language Java. Was a parttime interlocal bus driver for about 10 years and got some lessons on an Fuji FA 200 single prop nose wheel aircraft. Former nice weather Harley Davidson Fatback driver and car enthousiast.

Lived and worked in several countries of Europe and could also visit South America, Caribics and even visited Chicago. An impressive city where I could also join some Salsa socials. Have not been able to visit Iowa where two of my three deceased Qarter horses came from.
Playing cello since my youth which I had to give up after paralyses of my right arm and shoulder which is healed now for about 80%. I therefore also had to give up photographing.
After that my ears went bad so music and conversation was more or less finished. But not so bad that I still like to turn off my HA’s when I visit a salsa social. I even can hear people talk without aids but it makes me tired to focus on their lips and concentrate all the time.

My first great HA’s were from Resound as they managed to BT connect to a cellphone by MFI.
Thereafter I tried a lot of different brands like Starkey, Widex and Phonak. Also experimented with types as RIC’s BTE’s and ITE’s. And slowly got into DIY as I was never getting the optimal quality I had before my hearing got worse.
Started programming with the Hi-Pro and the CS44 cabling. Then came the NoahLink and now the Noah Wireless which of course is great.
Also playing around with assistive devices from Bellmann and Earzz.

So that’s the long story, the older I become the longer the story, sorry for that.
Looking forwards to have a good time over here. And thanks for accepting me.