how to recharge when no charger


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May 24, 2021
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I am still trying to decide between replaceable and rechargeable. I have another week of trial with the rechargeable one. phonak adeo, I think paradise but maybe marvel. My paper says model P90.

can one use the portable power used for phones? These rechargeables use an induction type I believe, so can the charger for say Iwatch or induction charger used for phone be used for the hearing aids?

So my concern is what if I forget my charger and am away from home? Of course there are multiple other things to bring a need to charge that concern me as well but this is mostly the thing. One can buy $$$$ extra chargers from phonak and have them in each vehicle for instance. that would help a lot but with some drawbacks. Is the phonak battery pack the only way to charge without power?