Just to say thank-you to pvc for all the data he has posted! Thank-you!

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Jul 26, 2023
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Looking to re-program Resound UP 977-DW aids but the closest I can find in Aventa is the UPS 977-DLW variant. Also plan on re-doing Resound Ambio 77, AM 577-DW aids but again have the same issue with locating that specific model.
Can I find these particular models on a more updated version of Aventa? If so can anyone help out with a link please?
Aventa is the latest version of Aventa 3. Also, since Aventa 3 is for Legacy hearing aids, there will not be any further updates for Aventa 3 hearing aid models. I will poke around looking for the models you mention.
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Still looking for the UP models. The cryptic model names make your head spin ;)
There is a Standalone ReSound Aventa 2.9. Maybe that version has these old models. I will send you a link that may work for some but not all countries. If not let me know so we can look for other methods for you to access ReSound Aventa 2.9.

Read your Private Conversation (soon).
I don't have any ReSound HAs. So I seldom get to test ReSound. Up until now my thinking was/is that the Latest/Best Aventa 3 is included with the SmartFit together in one download.

Some Internet searches reference Aventa (3.6 or 3.9)? For example, here's a -> Kirkland Signature 6.0 manual that mentions Aventa 3.6.

A curiosity is why GN ReSound would make a later version of Aventa (3.6 or 3.9) to include older models??
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A curiosity is why GN ReSound would make a later version of Aventa (3.6 or 3.9) to include older models??
Oh, maybe I see? (3.27 is later than 3.6 and later than 3.9). Thus the Latest/Best Aventa 3.27 is included with the SmartFit together in one download. Besides the download sources for 3.6 and 3.9 are dubious!

Thanks for the compliments :)
If you have the hardware for connecting your Resound UP 977-DW hearing aids maybe just go ahead and try to Connect.
OIC - connecting requires a wired hearing aid programming device, cables, and maybe difficult to find Adapters.
Maybe the Green (ReSound Vea BTE 77) bar with #4 (original adapter) at the top of this -> ReSound cable guide.
The (ReSound Vea BTE 77) bar is the only place that I can find any BTE 77 models.
Thanks for all the follow up!
In Aventa 3.27 there are 977 & 577 variants (respectively 8 & 6 for each) as in LiNX, LiNX2, Alera, Verso, UP Smart & UP models & some with 'T' suffixes e.g. AL977 & ALT977, but not the particular ones sought after! There is for example a UPS977 DLW and a UP967 DW but this latter is a smaller MBTE model with #312 battery rather than the BTE UP977 DW at hand (#13 battery).
Didn't see anything at all in the earlier version of Aventa 2.95.
While searching for the programming adaptor, 19902500, I came across an audio shoe, 19901700, sold by Connevans here in the UK and it mentions specifically these two variants (Ambio 77, that is the AM577, & the UP977) but of course no programming adaptor!
Then on another site I came across the same '17' shoe/adaptor wherein it mentioned compatibility and here's where a clue might be given as to why these versions are AWOL! The adaptors are for HAs classified as 'Private' or 'NHS' models .... the only Private model is the 'ReSound Key' series whilst all the others (e.g. Ambio, LiNX3D, LiNX Quattro & Power BTE Range) all come under the NHS!
So are these then all code locked and specifically designed for & sold to the NHS?
Both HAs were acquired on eBay .... the Ambio 77 ones are readily recognised by three of the GN ReSound phone apps namely, Smart 3D, BeMore & Jabra Enhance Pro. After trying many variations/alterations to the Bass/Middle/Treble over several days I finally found a great setting with which I am very pleased .... even better than the professionally programmed Oticon ones I have & very surprisingly different from what I expected, having my Audiogram at hand!
However, since I had hoped to reprogram the UP977's, I contemplated redoing the Ambio 77's at the same time since all the necessary gear required wouldn't even come to half the cost of seeing an audiologist & the hassle of having to try out, & reset, reset, reset until the HAs sound right.
Since the Ambio 77's are good, 'methinks' Murphy's Law is applicable here .... "if it works don't fix it, leave it alone!"
Well, here's another indicator and as yet I'm still left wondering .... the UP977s, with totally fresh batteries, are not recognised by any of the GN phone apps! They look brand, spanking new & work very well but a little tweaking would make them outstanding. So, there are two possibilities, as far as I can determine, at this stage .... they are new & have never been initially set-up which is why they're not found by the apps (?) or they're locked versions!? (NHS)?
Hooking them up to the hardware etc, if the programming adaptors can be sourced, would indicate more, but as pvc has pointed out in his handy DIY School v2.1 conglomeration of PDFs (Unlocking Locked Hearing Aids), unlocking them might not be feasible!
Being able to 'footer' about & find out this much with the software has been an eye opener! Thank-you again for the forum & helping out here.
If I could just get them to be seen by the phone apps they would be manageable that way but ...... !?
Again, any pointers from those more experienced in this domain will be readily received!
Good work detective! Seriously, I'm impressed!

Yep, all that I/We know about unlocking Locked ReSound hearing aids is in the DIY School (v2.1) PDF file named (Unlocking Locked Hearing Aids), in the section named ReSound SmartFit.

Unfortunately it seems that SmartFit has the ability to assign a lock code at any point in time, as opposed to assigning a global lock code at the time SmartFit is installed on a computer. Depending on how this is used it could be difficult to defeat???
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Also, you might try to find others from the UK on another HT forum. Sometimes they develop close relationships with their Audi, and may be privy to some secrets.
Thanks pvc for the indication on the possible adaptor type & the Vea BTE 77. The 'Vea (62)' is also on the compatibility list for the audio shoe that includes the Ambio 77 & UP977 which I have attached. Also on the other 'ReSound Cable & Wireless Fitting Guide' I came across more x77 variants some of which connect via Noahlink Wireless (LiNX 3D , LiNX Quattro & Key models) .... the LiNX Quattro also connects via cables & the 'original' 19902500 adaptor.
Note though another anomaly with this ReSound 'fiasco' in that in the cable page you sent, the 'original' adaptor in #4 has a little arrow linked to 'Programming Adaptor 2'. Why would the 'original' adaptor be named '2' and not '1'?
In the 'ReSound Smart Fit Cable Guide', it is part number '5', that is called 'PRG ADAPTER 2' in the table in the top left corner, that is part 19902500, with corresponding BTE 77-DW linked to the LiNX Quattro & Key models.
The 'original adaptor' in #4 linked via the arrow to 'Programming Adaptor II' is being attached to a HA with a little lip (the Ambio 77 & UP977 both have these) whereas the HA attached to the specifically named 'Vea adaptor' ('Programming Adaptor I' according to the arrows!) has no lip.
Also, the Vea Adaptor has no associated code number & 'one' would think that the Vea BTE 77 in column #4 would attach via the named Vea Adaptor #I but it's attached via 'original adaptor' #II.
More than bewildering! Also, the small write up below the table for the 'Smart Fit cable guide' headed: RIE 62-DRW, BTE 77-DW & BTE 88-DWH ,
shows attaching the #5 adaptor to a lipped HA, that again in the table is 'PRG ADAPTER 2', item number 19902500.
WeW! Apologies for all that waffle but 'tis somewhat baffling!
[I read in another commentary that someone trying to figure this out acquired the #1 adaptor but it didn't work.]
Not surprisingly!


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Whew!! is right. I will look at this some more when I find the time. Thanks for your efforts in trying to figure out the Adapters.
Thanks for the Kirkland doc .... The 'kirkland signature 6' wasn't installed on my iphone so I downloaded 'Kirkland signature choice' .... in short it wouldn't detect the UP977's at all, although it did detect the Ambio 77's, but when trying to actually connect, access was denied saying that the model is incompatible!
Checked your kindly supplied 'Costco hearing aid list' and it sure looks like the UP977's are locked! The list mentions ReSound Omnia, One, Linx Quattro, Linx 3D 9, Linx2 9, Linx 9 and Alera ..... 977 variants appeared under several of these particular models, so it looks like I'm 'flummixed' on reprogramming this particular line without even trying to source the programming adaptors as it appears that they are locked!
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Resound UP Smart=Resound ENZO (first generation), UP977-DW=EO977-DW, so you need to use the old app from Resound.

Some specific models of the Resound UP Samrt require certain specific markets (countries) to be selected during the installation of the Resound software in order to be recognized by the software.

All GN hearing aids with the letter "W" in the model can be connected with Noahlink wireless.
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Some specific models of the Resound UP Samrt require certain specific markets (countries) to be selected during the installation of the Resound software in order to be recognized by the software.
Welcome to my old friend from halfway-around the world who always has helpful advice :) Thanks! I will do some testing with GN ReSound's SmartFit to explore this hide-n-seek feature.