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Big John

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May 19, 2023
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Greetings. I am a 75 year old disabled Navy vet with bilateral moderate to severe hearing loss. TheVA provided me with Oticon Opns seven years ago. As an Android user I had no phone connectivity. Four years ago I was upgraded to Phonak Aureos and loved having “voices in my head.”

Last week I went in for evaluation and will get Oticon Real 1sin a couple of weeks. BUT, I got a terrible adjustment and now have gone back to the Oticons because of the “clackiness” I get with the Phonaks. By the time I can get a new adjustment appointment my Oticons will be here.

Long story to say, I am determined to get those Phonak’s back as good or better than they were through DIY adjustment. I am encouraged by the resources available that can help me through the process. And I am sure that my only problem with the Phonaks is the adjustment. Overall they have been pretty good.

Big John