New member, new wearer, learning to hear again.


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Aug 11, 2023
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Hey all! I have just taken the step to wearing hearing aids after my kid said "Dad! You're shouting!" at me in a restaurant. :(

I'm happy see the support in these forums. I'm looking forward to DIY approach so I can fine tune as I learn what works and what doesn't with my fitting.

Now, on to some catch up reading!
Hi @larkin; When I walk over to visit my neighbor I can hear his garage-TV from a few houses down the street. Then if I want to have a conversation, I have to shout so that he can hear me. So I asked him if we could turn the TV volume down while we talk. He said my hearing aids must be turned up too loud o_O

One of the first things you need to know is the level of your hearing loss. That measurement can be graphically represented in an audiogram which would look something like this. Except it would contain other (more technically detailed) information.

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And, depending on where those (X's/Left ear and O's/Right ear) fall on your audiogram, here's a speech banana chart showing which sounds/speech/alphabet-letters you may be hearing or missing;

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Restaurants are a difficult environment for a HoH person. If per chance you are able to choose your seating in a restaurant, then seat your family members against a wall and you sit on the opposite side with you back to the restaurant crowd. This position will give you a slight advantage. ;)
Thanks for the primer post!

I've learned a lot of tricks over the decade since losing one side. It's been a struggle for for about 3 years as the remaining side is ageing. I'd noticed I wasn't enjoying hanging out with friends as I wasn't getting most of the conversation.

It's nice to able to joke with those that were frustrated with me when they haven't heard something I said. Now, if I can get my Dad to turn his TV down, I can talk to him about getting some hearing aids too.