Oticon More Z22A Li-ion replacement battery not fully recharging (stops charging @85%)


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Apr 12, 2023
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One of her Oticon More Z22A Li-ion replacement batteries stopped recharging @85% and as a result, the left hearing aid/HA would shutdown around 6:00 PM. This happened consistently for a couple/few days. Bummer!

I swapped my Oticon More Li-ion OEM batteries for her Z22A Li-ion replacement batteries and now she's okay. But my left HA is now shutting down around 6:00 PM. Note that in the morning (when the HAs are still in the charger) the left HA light was orange/still-charging while the right HA light was green/fully-charged.


I think I have fixed it. Here's how: I performed a few cycles of Remove the Left HA from the charger and then immediately put the HA back in the charger. I believe that somehow fixed it by restarting the charge cycle? After a few times it now charges to 100% overnight.

Good! But what caused this failure? She has the "old school" charger without a cover. I believe that dust/lint had collected inside the charging ports and somehow interfered with the inductive charging process. Though, I could be wrong? :cool: But now we will cover the charger with a small cloth cover;
  • Cover at night to eliminate the bright bedside light
  • Cover during daylight hours to eliminate dirt/dust buildup
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Nope. That wasn't it. Her Left hearing hearing aid shutdown early again while using my OEM batteries.

Will try swapping chargers and see what happens?
Results are not good! The problem stays with her left hearing aid for all tests.

One more try. Switched her back to her original Z22A batteries but reversed the R&L Z22A's.

I suspect the problem to stick with her left hearing aid again, meaning the left hearing aid is defective.
Pfft; maybe false alarm? I experiment frequently, in part to capture images for DIY School Hearing Aids PDF Files. There are two ways to replace a battery;
  • a single (Right or Left) battery
  • Both batteries (Right and Left)
After battery replacement the "Reset battery statistics" needs to be "Run" in order to "guarantee accurate daily usage beeps". Okay, so I will pretend to replace both batteries and then "Reset battery statistics".