Ramblings and a software request


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Sep 30, 2023
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Hi all, I SAID HI ALL !
I have recently stumbled on this site after having brought a pair of 10 month old Phonak Audeo M90R on Ebay for my 87year old mum who had been really struggling with her NHS aids, I must admit that it was taking a toll on myself also. She has since had the NHS ones replaced but she has reverted back to using the Phonak from preference but she has to turn the bluetooth off on her phone because every time that she has a notification they revert back to the automatic setting but she misses out on using the aids for phone calls by doing this.
I obviously have not had any joy in trying to get them re programed, hence my venture on to this site. I was prepared to pay ( sensibly) but have found it to be a financially extortionate unhelpful closed shop. Luckily the aids don't seem (as far as I can gather) , with us tinkering with the existing settings options, that far off.
I have purchased a Noahlink wireless and am now looking for the hearing aid adjustment software, I am hoping that I might hit the bullseye here. Hopefully a kind sole may be able to help. Initially I want to replace the "pre set" automatic setting with 1 that we have saved , and then when /if I can get to grips with the software who knows. The world could be my lobster

Thankyou PVC for what seems to me as my holy grail of info
What did you say? Just kidding. ;) Read your PM/Conversion in a short while for information about how to get Phonak Target 9.0.1.