Smoke detectors

James Hinkson

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Feb 2, 2017
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I am 78 years old and have been wearing aids for a long time. My problem is not with the aids. My Phonak Audeo aids are wonderful, especially with the remote control and the Ponak ICom. My problem is with electronic smoke detectors. Now I am aware of what is available, beeps, strobe lights, etc. My problem is my medication, Seroquel, that gives me at least 8 hour of very deep sleep. I won't see the strobe lights. I sure won't buy a gizmo that shakes my bed.

I retired from Lawrence Berkeley Lab in 2000. I recall using loud, low-frequency piezoelectric horns. They were perhaps an inch indiameter and 3/4 inch high. I cannot remember the maker.

Any suggestions and help will be appreciated.

Jim Hinkson
Bed shakers don't shake the bed. I use one because I don't hear alarm clocks. I depend on my husband to hear the smoke alarm.

The bed shaker is a disk about 4 inches across that you put under your pillow. I put mine under the sheet near my head. My head is on my pillow. When the alarm goes off the disk thumps mildly up and down. I can feel that and it wakes me.

I have the Sonic Alert SB1000SS Sonic Boom Alarm Clock. It plugs into the wall. I have a battery operated device for traveling. I'm not a very heavy sleeper so the mild thumps may not wake you, but it's worth a try. The "bed shaker" alarm clock will not solve your smoke detector problem, however.

Hope that helps.