DIY School Hearing Aids (v2.2)

We know how to find Danavox Danafit 1.5 for Legacy Models (Gala, Aio, Tera, EOS, Logar, SAP). Unfortunately we don't know how to find fitting software for more recent GN ReSound products like Ambio?

It could be GN ReSound Smartfit with a pin-code lock or it could be some other DanaWhatEver name software that we don't know about??

Here's some links;
Sorry for the Dead End road. I believe that's all we know thus far.
do you have any software is Resound Aventa 3.12 or highr?

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Read your PM/Conversation for information about how to find; ReSound SmartFit 1.18 + Aventa 3

The two versions typically are bundled together in one download. Here's a clip from a DIY School Hearing Aids PDF File named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software);

GN ReSound Smart Fit + Aventa 3

ReSound Smart Fit + Aventa 3 is hidden. One download contains ReSound Smart Fit 1.18 (or latest version) for newer/current hearing aids and Aventa 3 for older hearing aids. These two software modules are hidden so you will not be able to find them through an internet search. You will need to use the hidden software instructions suggested at the end of this document to obtain a link to a hidden website or a copy of the actual software.

The ReSound Smart Fit software has three parts/modules.
  • Smart Launcher
  • Smart Fit for newer hearing aids
  • Aventa 3 for older hearing aids
The Smart Launcher module sends you to the Smart Fit module or the Aventa 3 module when you select a specific hearing aid model or connect a hearing aid, or you can click a Launch Aventa 3 button. Smart Fit model names (subject to change/addition) are as follows: (Omnia, One, LiNX Quattro, Key, LiNX 3D, Enzo Q: (Omnia, One, LiNX Quattro, Key, LiNX 3D, Enzo Q. Enzo 3D): (Aventa 3 model names are: ( LiNX2, LiNX, ENZO2, ENZO, Verso, Lex, Up Smart, Up, Enya, Alera, Alera TS, Magna, Vea).

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There are three ReSound adaptors that I know of (original adaptor, Vea adaptor, and Enzo adaptor). Though I don't have a deep understanding about which to use?? Here's a link to an older → Cable Guide.
Don’t use the Noah system software (currently Noah4 or Noah-ES). Please read the clip below from a DIY School Hearing Aids PDF file named (02 How to Program your Hearing Aids). Though if you still wish to use Noah here's a link to → Noah ES: 30-Day Free Trial. I dunno what to do after 30 days? I believe you will need a professional → HIMSA account.

Self Programming Don’ts:

When installing hearing aid fitting software don’t choose the option to participate in the improve software feature. No need to have extra automatic communication with manufacturer!!

Don’t use the Noah system software (currently Noah4 or Noah-ES). Noah system software is never required for any manufacturer’s fitting software. Professional Audiologists need the Noah system software to group many clients into a one Noah database and provide automatic startup interfaces for the different manufacturer’s fitting software. If you are a self-programmer, it is simpler and cheaper to run the manufacturer’s fitting software standalone. When fitting software is run standalone it will use its own database. Repeat,,, Do not use the Noah System software!

Don’t confuse the above Noah system software (currently Noah4 or Noah-ES) with the Noahlink Wireless programming device. Don’t confuse an old obsolete programming device named NOAHlink with the Noahlink Wireless programming device. Noah, NOAHlink, and Noahlink Wireless are three different things.
I doubt there will be any "Maico software". Actually I cannot find any Maico hearing aids, "yet".
Most links I found for "Maico" points to → Maico Diagnostics Equipment. Maybe "Maico" will be a new-anyname-franchise?

I was following the "bread crumb trail" of Bluetooth® LE Audio Certification in the → post that you mentioned because (Bluetooth® LE Audio) is a new feature that is being introduced with the Oticon Intent model. And it seems that Bernafon A1 MNR/miniRITE, which will likely be ReBranded as Maico A1 MNR/miniRITE have both recently received Bluetooth®LE Audio Certification.

For fun Click→ Products Using this Certification and then click→ Sbo Hearing A S to see products that were certified on 2024-02-12 including (Bernafon A1 MNR, and Maico A1 MNR). Pay attention to the dates because some are old/previous certifications for older technology, and don't blame me if it makes your head spin ;)

But that's the end of the trail? Sorry. You can read a DIY School PDF file named (Unlocking ReBranded Hearing Aids) for help with understanding the ReBranded hearing aid market.

Oh; ETA/Edit To Add; Maico A1 MNR will likely use Bernafon OasisNXT fitting software. Though Maico A1 MNR will likely be locked??
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More "Bread Crumb" style observations;
→ SBO Hearing A/S is the entity submitting these Bluetooth® LE Audio Certification requests. As you can see it is Oticon.


Though, It was more than Oticon and Bernafon who got certified. It was all of these listed below, and some of them may likely show up at a ReBranded hearing aid outlet near you. Though, maybe with "fresh new locks" :eek: - Yep @Volusiano; It seems that Sonic was not invited to this party.

  • Bernafon A1 MNR
  • Maico A1 MNR
  • SoniTon A1 MNR
  • Amplifon ampli-energy 5D
  • Oticon B miniRITE
  • HHM B miniRITE
  • Bernafon Encanta MNR
  • Philips HearLink 50 MNR
  • Oticon Intent miniRITE
  • KINDsevan miniRITE R
  • SoniTon Personal Plus R
  • Vio T 6 Li
Good afternoon. I am looking the Oticon Genie 2 2024.1 software. Can you provide me a link for it. Thank you
Hi @bossman Welcome; Read your PM/Conversation shortly for information about how to find Oticon Genie2 2024.1
Hello again, see if you can help me, here in Brazil, Maico brand devices are appearing, but I don't know the software they use for programming. I saw this post of yours, , which is from bernafon, is this correct or am I wrong? If I'm wrong, I need Maico software if possible. Thank you for your attention.
I have Maico's software and it is indeed a variant of Bernafon. I will share it via Send anywhere as soon as possible.
Thanks for sharing @menglxs I was looking for it because here in Brazil these devices started to appear, @pvc , internationally Maico no longer produces hearing aids from what I've been researching, it only sells analysis equipment as you mentioned above. However, in some countries it is entering into partnership with Bernafon as our friend said. They must be doing the same as another brand here called Microson and has partnered with Strakey, they are using the AudioSync software.
Thanks for the valuable contribution to our knowledge of ReBranded hearing aids!!

This Maico version has two pieces (OasisNxt 2020.1 and Oasis 26.3).

The OasisNxt 2020.1 software for newer models can program these Maico models; Also, as a Custom version you cannot use the (Bernafon Updater) to update to a more recent version.
  • Coral
  • Capto
  • Altena

The Oasis 26.3 legacy version can program these Maico models (Helios, Mirum, Suite, Mondo, Selecto, Preciso, Way, Canteo, X-Power, Pharos);

Hearing Aids.png

There is also a pulldown selection (Other Products). So it appears to be multi-branded for (Bit, Magic, Piu, XPower, Avida, Nova, Way);

Other Products.png

However Maico's current/newer hearing aids (Aligo, Altena, Coral, Ineo, and Helios) are not supported.
You can go to this → Website and then use Google Translate to translate the webpage (from Italian to English);

Also, as a Custom version you cannot use the (Bernafon Updater) to update to a more recent version.
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I hope I got the previous post correct. I was confusing myself testing between;
  • the two Bernafon versions of fitting software
  • and the two Maico versions of fitting software
Also, I don't think you can have all four pieces installed at the same time.
Hi @Paul T Welcome;
Read your PM/Conversation in a short while for information on how to find Oticon Genie2 2024.1
Installation steps;
  • Downloading the the file should produce Genie2 in your Windows download location
  • Then you unzip that using a right-mouse-button-click and select extract all
  • Inside the extracted Genie2 2024.1 folder click setup.exe to install
Hi, is anyone here who can share me the latest software for oticon which is called "genie2" please?
Hi @fohlan Please wait just a few minutes and then read your PM/Conversation for information on how to find Oticon Genie2 2024.1
New Software Update (Connexx9.9.3 SiFit 9.9.0 forSignia). If you already have Connexx9 installed then you can download and install this using the Connexx Updater in your Windows Sys Tray. Alternatively, if you don't have Connexx9 installed then you can try reading a DIY School Hearing Aids PDF file named (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software).

Apologies for posting twice. This seems a better place.
cześć ale gdzie pobrać connexx 9 ?