Signia ax5 hearing aid programming

ok for now it seems i managed to get the old pc fitting program client list into the new pc. i never noticed that export section before. it had to be there but i never paid any attention i guess.

so now that i got the program that i sent to you running i will leave it be. but if i do make changes i think i will save that program as another client so i do not mess up this client. and then do all those steps you said needs to be done. thanks.
Yeah, like a test client. That makes sense. You can even delete the test client when done. Because too many clients (can itself). be confusing.
Oh, we're on Page 2, of forum replies. Sometimes jumping to a new page is confusing. So review end of Page 1.
ok thanks on that test client for doing any changes.

the last photo i posted the adaptive streaming and mic are both turned don in all 3 sections. thanks for the help if i have any trouble i will post you a question then
The mix with microphone should be on if you are interested in hearing the person next to you in addition to hearing the streaming. I think you should be interested in hearing the person next to you! If you cannot hear them well enough, then you can turn up the microphone percentage.

On the other hand, the Adaptive Streaming Volume adapts to noise around you. For example, I believe it will increase your streaming volume if you are outside with the wind blowing strong.

Though for inside while streaming TV I don't see much use for Adaptive Streaming Volume. If there's an unusual commotion going on around-you while watching TV I think you would want to investigate the commotion instead of cranking up the TV volume.

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thanks pvc. as for the photos it seems every site likes them different so i have learned to show them smaller. and then let the person viewing them to make them a bit larger if they need to. i will try to remember to make them a bit larger on this site. again thanks for the help. tomorrow i will create a test client and put this setting into that new test client and then use that client to test out different streaming settings and then if i mess up i have a good client to go back to.
ok it has been a week after i just did a new fitting using test for a customer. i input the audiogram from the last test at the audi and ran the fitting using nal-nla2 formula and they seem to be doing well. i still have a bit of what i call pinching in the left ear. i went back and lowered the left ear audiogram at the 3k from 110 to 100db and the 6k and 8k from 110 to 105db when i was in the booth and i got to those frequencies i heard buzzing and that is what i hear now so for testing i just lowered the db to see if that takes that away. i also went and lowered the tv streaming in the 125 and 250 from 15 to 14 and the 500 from 9 to 8 now to see how it sounds tonight. that may be the wrong way to do this but i have been down the other streets and nothing changed. so maybe this will work. at this point i have nothing to lose. if i go back the the fitting the audi gave me they hurt my ears. i can post photos if needed. thanks
ok i think i have it dialed in well i had to lower the audiogram on the left ear some. as when it was in the 100db range for 3 to 8k range i heard buzzing and clicks wo sith it dialed back to 90 to 95db that has cleared up and for some reason the nal-nal2 had the left ear master gain set to 20 so i uncoupled them and lowered it to 18 left and 17 right and they are doing better. i do not know why the program wanted the left ear so high but from the audi they were set that high also and the upper freqs were pinching my ears way to loud to the point it hurt. so i had to start lowering them a bit at a time.
yes i know but the other methods were not working. i know it is a backwards way to do this, but because i hear buzzing and humming and clicking at those freqs and then after the fitting is done i hear way to much on that side. so i turned them down on that side to help keep that out of my ears. like i said when i got high freqs in that ear it hurt and what i did hear was loud buzzing clicking and humming so that kind of tells my to trim it back on that side as the sound is not usable anyway. thanks
Have you tried (Connexx9 - Fitting / Sound Management / Pinch Cancellation)?

Actually that's not the real name. I was just using your terms so that you wouldn't slide past it. The real name is actually (Connexx9 - Fitting / Sound Management / Feedback Cancellation). Audio Feedback is a common problem (and not just with hearing aids). You can hear audio feedback at any rock concert when a microphone gets too close to a speaker.

Here's a → Link to a description. All (or most) hearing aid fitting software programs have a feedback cancellation algorithm to eliminate feedback/squeal/pinch.

Though, it may not work 100% for all hearing losses. I'm just wondering if you have tried using the Feedback Cancellation settings?
Oh, wait. I was looking at an old version of Connexx. It may be in a different place??
thanks but it does not sound lie feedback it is the same sound i get if i was to even do insitu with them when i get to those freqs and get into the 95 and higher. and the feedback is at max in that section. here is a snip of that page.
Some fitting software allows for a NR/No Response entry.

No Response​

To indicate "no response" at the maximum output of the audiometer, an arrow should be attached to the lower portion of the appropriate symbol on the Audiogram, and drawn downward and at about a 45-degree angle to the right for the left ear symbols and to the left for the right ear symbols.
the feedback is set to full it is the right top switch the sound smoothing it off. i may set that to med the next time if i still have a bit of issues. also her fitting also ahs the sound smoothing off. but all the rest are set the same. the only thing i changed is the left AG and i did lower the left master gain some. i made it one setting more that the right side. and it seems better, but this is still testing i may raise it one more setting. she had it at 16 db right side and 19 left i have it 16 r and 17 L
this is her audio gram nothing in it is set to no response notice at 3k it is and 100db
this is where i have it now in a test fitting notice the 3k is set to 95db and that is where i do not hear the garbage. i used her audiogram and fitting and changed the name to test as we talked about and saved it and this where i make changes. if it fails i have hers to go back to.

after last night's tv shows i had to turn up the hearing aids 3 clicks so today i went into the stream and advanced 500 2 clicks and750 and 1k 3 clicks. tha may be a bit much but i can lower them tomorrow if needed. also i checked adaptive streaming volume because when the wife talks i could not hear her well over the stream, i did not notice that was off. also i went into basic tuning and clicked speech 2 taps to get the kitchen to clearer. so far it seems to be doing good. i did not turn up master gain yet. it is still 19 R and L