Jul 5, 2023
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Do Hearing aids work for tinnitus and are they effective for less aware of tinnitus
Some say Yes?? Some say No?? It seems different for different ppl.

I believe the reason Costco fitters will never provide tinnitus support is because they cannot provide successful treatment.


I didn't know that I suffered from tinnitus until someone told me what it was. Then I listened for it and sure enough I could hear it! But when I stop thinking about it (after a while) it is gone. So I just -> fuggedaboutit ;)
pvc, it really does go away when you are focused on other things. I went to the Amen Clinic for a brain scan and they can see the activity in the audio cortex when I am quietly listening for it. But when I got focused on other things, it disappeared from the brain scan as other activities picked up in the brain. Interesting, eh?
Yes interesting. But some ppl (will jump up and down and swear) that it never goes away! So, I dunno. I will refrain from making any judgements.
I have tinnitus in one ear that goes from barely there to roaring. Hearing aids definitively help. I’ve never used the tinnitus feature of my aids. I downloaded the free Resound Relief app and use that instead.

@nanowiz, that’s fascinating!