DIY School Hearing Aids (v2.2)

The promised Update/Refresh completed for DIY School Hearing Aids PDF file named (Choose Hardware-Programming Device for Oticon)
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Hi! Thank you for your kindly sharing!
I am from China, and there are many people in our country who are interested in DIY our HA. However, there is a shortage of relevant resources. Could I have your permission to translate it? I would like to translate it into Chinese to help more people. We will ensure to respect your copyright and provide proper attribution (should the attribution be PVC?).
Hi Li, and welcome. This is an interesting proposal. I will discuss some details with you tomorrow in a PM/Conversation.
Oh just to be clear, I don't wish for Mr Mao's helpful request to be discussed completely in private!! All of us should all be aware of what happens with DIY School because as I say in the DIY School Hearing Aids PDF file named (00 DIY School - (v2.2) Access Portals & News) "Any-and-all members of the HoH Community are welcome to access, read, and download these helpful PDF files. They were built for you. They are, yours!"

I just want to have a private discussion about the difficulties that may arise with a translated version. For example; the images will be very difficult to translate as they have English and not Chinese contents. For the most part; each of the images would have to be reproduced from a source that has previously selected the Chinese language in the fitting software. This would be difficult to accomplish.

Also (and most importantly) the translation cannot be a one time effort because the DIY School PDF files are constantly updated in order to capture the constantly changing landscape of new hearing models/platforms/features. Other difficulties with access portals and 24/7 cloud storage may also require discussion.

We already have "copied" (one might say plagiarized) versions that are hopelessly outdated and obsolete. If you want me to specifically point these out, then I can do so privately, otherwise they remain semi-hidden at the end of DIY School. Obsolete copies is why DIY School has One Rule, which is discussed in this clip below for the aforementioned DIY School PDF file.

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Good day, I am new to the forum and have been wearing hearing aids for 7 years, lately my hearing has become less, and it is difficult to find the right settings, I would like to do some work with smartfit 1.16 in a simulation mode myself to see what the mehelijkheden are of my resound linx Quattro, not yet directly to adjust it myself,
Hi Gerrit; Welcome. Read your PM/Conversation in a short while RE: where to find ReSound SmartFit 1.17 + Aventa 3
Thanks for sharing, I'm going to look into it, is less simple than it seems though
Thanks for the nice documentation!
Can you give more details on where to find Compass GPS 4.5 ? I've been googling, but I did'nt find anything...
Thanks is advance!
Hi meeticguigui and Welcome; Check your PM/Conversation shortly for information about how to find Widex Compass GPS 4.5.
New DIY School Hearing Aids PDF File named (Connexx9 Fitting - Signia, Rexton, etc) is now available.

Please find the DIY School Access Portal which is the very first post in this topic.
Or, you can find the DIY School Access Portal by clicking my Signature.
Or, you can find the DIY School Access Portal by clicking my Avatar (twice counting the 2nd popup Avatar)
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Hello pvc, congrats for your awesome collection in DIY school. Iam searching for thea phonak target version which can reset a compilot I, that is not audio streaming to a phonak bolero m30 HA. Also is there a way to add Roger receiver to this bolero model ? Thank you .
Hi jonage; Welcome.

This may help to reset Phonak Compilot; → Page 48 (8.3 Resetting your ComPilot) from the Streamer and remote control User Guide.

Sorry, I don't pay much attention to Roger receivers and extra gadgets. I believe you will need to load Roger receiver license(s)??

Check your PM/Conversation shortly RE How to find Phonak Target 9.0.5.
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Hey there, I'm looking for the Signia Connexx 9.xx software. Anyone willing to share?
Hi phil; Welcome and read you PM/Conversation in a short while to find information about how to find;
Connexx9.11.5/SiFit9.11.5 for Signia Newer/Current
Hi Gerrit; Welcome. Read your PM/Conversation in a short while RE: where to find ReSound SmartFit 1.17 + Aventa 3
Hello pvc,
I’ve been tracking you across several forums to ask for this, too. Would much appreciate it.
Hi CLB1123; Welcome. Read your PM/Conversation in a short while for information about how to find ReSound SmartFit 1.17 + Aventa 3.
Added Access Portal → DIY School (V2.2) Chinese version/under construction to OP/Original Post
OP/原帖新增Access Portal → DIY School (V2.2)中文版/正在建设中

This will be difficult to maintain because hearing aids keep changing

But we will try to keep this version updated

Thank you @Li Mao for the translation
謝謝@@的翻譯 Xièxiè(@Li Mao)de fānyì
Hello All, I am new hear and one week into my first HA's. I am looking to get a copy of the Widex Compass GPS software if anyone can help that would be great! Thanks